Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Rock Candy Mountain

This morning I woke up with a plan! We have to go to Walmart for vitamins and to return a vacuum. Then I thought I would head over to our Library and check out some books I've been wanting to get for the kids for a while and a few for myself. I've been keeping a list of books I see other Homeschoolers are using ( I rarely come up with my own ideas) and I plan to make the whole house dive into the Summer with a hunger to read. I better start now! Nothing more satisfying to a Homeschooling mama than to have a bunch of Book worms on her hands!

The point is, I woke up this morning with a plan. Then I began to dream of a day filled with kids getting along, hugging, helping and smiling. No complaints, no ugly tones in voices, just happy children and a happy Mama. Then I heard Ava Beth growl "Josiah!!!!!!!!!!". Did you know you can growl while saying someone's name? You can! Ava Beth is the poster child for what a growler may look like. 

As my dreams were crushed at the sound of the growl, I thought of the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain." When Brother Where Art Thou came out on DVD, Jeremy had to have it. Today it remains his favorite movie. We spent our entire honeymoon listening to the cd as we drove through the Rocky Mountains to our secluded cabin listening to the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" over and over again. It was perfect for our trip. 

This past weekend when we were camping, I mentioned to Jeremy that we needed our cd. Nothing better than listening to "Big Rock Candy Mountain" as you sit around the campsite enjoying the moment. This morning as I was dreaming of the land unknown, the one where everyone is happy and well behaved, I thought of this song. Dreaming of this kind of day is like dreaming of a  place where "hens lay soft boiled eggs". 

As we head to out the door for our errands and the Library, I may have to play this CD for the kids. And as they listen, I'll keep dreaming of a land that's far away because kids will be kids and I'm going to enjoy the "moments". 

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