Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday and Easter Weekend

Thanks to my dear friend Paula (who is pregnant with baby #3 and baby #4-TWINS!) for taking the time to help me with my blog on Friday! We were on a camping trip (a story to share later) and I could not get a good signal to update the blog. Once I get the pictures in order, I will share more about the weekend. :) It was full of memories!

We rolled back into town yesterday morning and went to Luby's for Easter lunch. I actually love Luby's and since the morning sickness has been so bad, I knew I could find something there to eat. So what did I eat? SPINACH with pepper sauce. You know the peppers that come in the skinny jar and make that yummy hot juice? Well that's what I drenched my spinach in and that is what I had for Easter lunch. This was right after I threw up. My body must be needing iron because that was the only thing that sounded good.

My Doctor gave me some drugs for the nausea but it makes me sleepy. I did take one when we got home yesterday and it worked! And vitamin B6 helps!

Oh and I LOVE my doctor! The coolest thing is he is young and really passionate about his job and patients AND his young, beautiful wife is a Pediatrician! I am delivering at a brand new hospital and we went there Friday for blood work and it is so nice. The labor and delivery rooms look like a penthouse! :)

Not wanting to rush the pregnancy but ready to get through the first trimester! As Paula shared, the Doctor said everything looked "perfect" and this sickness is a just a reminder that I have a baby growing inside of me with a strong heartbeat! They did move my due date up a few days to November 12th but pretty sure this will be a November 1st baby based on the last three deliveries and me never going past 38 weeks. We shall see!

When I saw the baby and that AWESOME heartbeat, I cried. It still amazes me how God knits this precious baby together in my womb. So much has to happen in order for a woman to conceive so seeing the baby just left me in awe. What a gift!

The Doctor encouraged me to run but I explained I have been so sick and tired that I have not felt like it. He said I could slowly get back to it but no 8 minute miles! HA! I couldn't do an 11 minute mile right now if I tried! I do miss running. GOSH I MISS RUNNING! As i type away at the computer I can see my Jeremy's iPod and Garmin charging. So jealous! But this baby is worth the added pounds, lack of energy and throwing up. God put this desire in my heart right after the Chicago marathon and HE made it happen. I have my own marathon right now! But it is an incredible time for me to support Jeremy in his running. He is an amazing runner and it wouldn't hurt for me to encourage him while I am now the spectator.

Okay back to unpacking (yes, still unpacking) and laundry!


Kelly Ann said...

So glad you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see pics! Praying for that baby in your belly! Love you! We still need to reschedule my visit... :)

Karen Hammons said...

So glad to see you back up and running here in blog world! So excited and glad that everything is going well with that sweet little one inside of you. :-)