Thursday, April 1, 2010


I thought it may be fun to share my cravings. With Josiah I craved salads, cottage cheese, banana peppers, beets and Italian food! Italian is my least favorite food in the whole world unless it is Eggplant Parmesan (I could eat that for breakfast). I don't like making it nor do I like to eat it unless it's free or really, really good. But when I was pregnant with Josiah, I could not get enough. Oh and Chipotle Burritos had just came out and I had about two a week. Then with Ava Beth I had this thing for candied apples. I remember being at a festival on 4th of July and I had two in a row. Again I was obsessed with Chipotle Burrito and I also loved Arby's. Then came Ezekiel and I craved Italian again. Where we were living at the time there happened to be an incredible authentic Italian restaurant that rocked my world. Jeremy picked up Eggplant Parmesan "to go" on his way home from work for me weekly. Now here we are with baby #4 and the cravings are in FULL gear and they are so bizarre. This list may seem long but it's only because it's in the "now", it's recent so I can remember a lot more. At the old house there was not much to choose from but now at the new house we live in FOOD and RETAIL HEAVEN. OMG we have every story imaginable and I love it! I can now drive just a few miles and go to all my favorite stores. Anyway, back to food cravings!

And right now after all this talk about Eggplant Parmesan, I am now on a mission to find Italian food! So here we go, in no particular order.

This limeade is the!

and this...

and this... (they are the best brand! The most punch!)

this helps the stomach a little...

usually I am in love with Diet Coke but can barely stand it so...

have always loved this but right now i love it a lot! Hot and Sour soup!

Just down the road we have one of these and I had one of their "Tasty Turkey" sandwiches today on an Everything Bagel. If you have not had an EVERYTHING Bagel, you are missing out! It is a glimpse of Heaven in your mouth!
Now here is a craving that when I share with others causes them to gag out loud! I am pretty sure I would raise the flag several times for more chile rellenos!! Unfortunately I have never seen one of these in the Austin area, only Dallas. So you better believe, if the craving is still there, I will go here and eat next time we are home. I know it sounds totally insane but I think of eating here DAILY. I am positive that I would be sick afterwards but it would be totally worth the "moment."

Now, time to find an Italian place where I can get some Eggplant Parmesan! Funny thing about all these cravings is, I rarely feel like eating. I feel pukey 24/7 but these are some of the only things that sound good!


Wendy said...

I love those kind of chips!

Love Being a Nonny said...

The Simply Lime is my favorite too...AND those chips!! (And I am NOT pregnant). Funny how we crave things!!! Happy Easter Amanda!

Paula said...

And don't forget Subway Tuna.....blah for me!! I am still wanting applesauce...and darn if I don't keep forgetting it at the store!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, pregnancy buddy!

(I transferred all of my FB buddy birthday info over to my calendar awhile back. ;)

Tomorrow will be week 9 for me, and unfortunately I have a big aversion to food and smells. Hopefully that will go away soon, but we'll see. With my boys I craved Mexican food and with my first I ate a whole jar of crunchy zesty dill pickles...nothing stereotypical about that! ;)

Hope you're having an awesome day! God bless. :)