Thursday, April 1, 2010

under construction

Hello friends! Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the new house. Yesterday was a huge turning point for me. I will explain another day but for now I am headed for the couch to instruct Josiah with Homeschooling.

Jeremy announced last night that this is the sickest he has ever seen me as a pregnant person. I thought Josiah, baby #1, was the worst since I threw up 10 times a day but this one does not produce vomit! Instead I have NO appetite and feel like I am going to throw up 24/7 and that is NO joke. For someone who normally has a very high energy level, this is sooooooooooooooooooo hard for my personality. I like to go, go, go, go, go but even getting ready and getting the kids ready makes me tired just thinking about it. This is the most home bound I have been in years!

There is a baby under construction right now and my body is feeling every bit of it! Prayers for my first SONO tomorrow. All this sickness has been reassuring that baby #4  is growing HEALTHY. Praying for a STRONG, healthy heartbeat tomorrow!!! It WILL be an amazing 34th Birthday present!


Brittnie said...

could baby #4 be babies BABIES #4 AND 5?!?!

;-) ;-)

Amanda said...

Brittnie, my friends say this to me almost every single day! What a blessing that would be but my husband would probably leave. JUST KIDDING! He wouldn't leave but he may go for a REALLY long drive or to the shooting range. :)

Brittnie said...


I knew someone who wanted two more kids, and her husband said, "only one more- I can't handle you being pregnant anymore" (she's always very sick when preganant).

So, she asked him if she could pray for twins. He was like "whatevs, I don't care."

And wouldn't you know, God blessed her with twins. God gave her the desires of her heart for two more babies (they already had 4) and she only had to be pregnant once more, like her husband wanted.