Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Casual Lips

I thought it would be fun to share some random things this week that no one knows about me. Well, maybe Ava Beth does because she knows every single time I go to the store that I come home with a new lip gloss or chap stick. I won't begin to post a picture of all my lip gloss because I really have a "lip gloss addiction." Probably more of a "makeup addiction" but oh well! What can I say? I love cosmetics!! Any sort of beauty product makes me happy! Nail polish, finger nail files, eye shadow, fake eye lashes, whatever it is in the cosmetic section of the store, I LOVE!

When I lived in Dallas I NEVER left the house without makeup but now that I live in Austin, where people are more organic (sometimes too organic for my taste), I do sometimes head out without a full face on. I know it may sound silly but girls in Texas are usually raised to not leave the house without a face on! And with my short hair style, makeup helps me feel more feminine. Plus if you knew my Mom, you would know that not only is it not acceptable for me to leave the house without something on my face but toe nails are NEVER to be without polish. NEVER! In fact tomorrow Ava Beth has her last dance class before recital and my toes need painting. I may only be out of the house for a few hours but chipped polish won't work. :) It's my one trip out of the house this week so whatever I can do to feel pretty, I do!

On the days where I don't put much on my face, especially in the Summer when it's 100 degrees, I always wear mascara and always put something on my lips. The Grammar Girl says I should avoid using the word "always" when I write but then again she would probably find bigger mistakes in my writing than the word "always". So I ALWAYS have lips on!  I like to call them "casual lips". Can you tell I am confined to the house and need something to do? Here I am blogging about "casual lips"! Help! Someone come teach me to knit or sew or play Sudoku! No! I hate Sudoku!

Moving on...

What do I use for casual lips days? Well, here is a picture of my favorites!

The first one is easily used with a Raisin lip liner (my fav is Revlon Color Stay-Raisin in the Fall, Plumb in the Spring and Summer)

The second one is tinted with a shimmery pink and I sometimes add a liner but usually just wear it all by itself. It's very subtle so I even let Ava Beth wear it too.

The blue one is my FAVORITE because it feels the best! I wear it every single night when I go to bed and a lot in the Summer because it keeps my lips hydrated.

The yellow one was my favorite one for Marathon running. Perfect for running in cold weather but also has a high spf and works great for days at the pool too. This one is what you need for sun!

The last one is Burt's Bees Replenishing and they have amazing products. This one has been my saving grace during pregnancy because it helped with morning sickness. It has a nice smell which helps when smells are doing me in!

And yes, I love NIVEA products! I use their lotions and everything else they make. Their lips are the BEST!

Random? Yes! But fun too! Now I have to brace myself for what's on tonight's menu. Meatloaf! Jeremy's favorite! But the thought of working with raw meat right now is making me want to hurl. Perfect time to use Burt's Bees chap stick!


Angela said...

Oh ya girl I remember that feeling when we moved back to Dallas from Austin. I was oh no I have to get all ready again:)haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy! So glad to find you again! My laptop crashed and I had Mommy brain and couldn't remember the name of your blog until your Mom reminded me. Praying for you. It will get better. Love ya!


Tracy: said...

FUN!! I love chapstick/lip gloss too and so do my girls, which makes for an expensive addiction..ha! We always have fun though!
I totally know what you mean about a little too organic...I am a southern california transplant to a small, college town in OR!! Culture shock! ha!

amy said...

Hi, I love your blog! And I too am addicted to lip gloss/lip balm. But I kinda like the organicness of Austin. I HATE wearing makeup!! But gotta have my lips.

Gwen said...

Hey Girl!

How are you feeling?

I just had to let you know that I ran my first 5K this morning and oh my gosh the high!!!!!! I sooooo get it now! I did have to stop and walk just a tiny bit but I did way better than I thought I would do. I had a setback in training because I got sick so I never made it to running 3 miles ever! The most I had done before this morning was 2.25. I was soooo pumped and sooo high that i forgot to look up at the official time as I crossed the finish line. I'm told I ran it in 37 minutes 20 seconds. I know that is not great time but I was going to be thrilled if I did it less than 45 minutes! That was my goal! SO...I'm completely hooked now! I'm signing up to do one again in 2 weeks at Minute Maid park! My son is going to run the kids run the same day! Every kiddo that finishes earns a medal and he is so excited!

So I just had to share with you! You are the one that got me even thinking about trying this running thing! Now at 38 years old I finally did it!!!!!

Thanks girl and thanks for reading as I carried on! LOL!!!!!

I hope all is well with you!

Kate said...

love love nivea! i have the dark pink one and it even tastes a little yum yum!
i miss you!!! let's talk soon!