Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I have to say that this was the best Mother's Day weekend ever! They took me to lunch Saturday, fed me breakfast in bed Sunday morning, Jeremy made lunch and allowed me to stay in bed and read my new book almost all day. I felt honored and celebrated by my husband and three beautiful children. Next year I will have FOUR in my lap! I can't wait! Being a Mother was always my dream and now I get to live my dream every single day.

It's funny how Oprah often has episodes on people who love their jobs or made their dreams come true with their choice of profession. Never do you hear about women like me who love being a wife, stay at home mom, Homeschool teacher, toilet cleaner, laundry folder and menu maker. You just hear about the "sad mom" stories. Our society has taught women to chase after a career and because of that women limit the number of children they have. Society has taught women that without a degree, they simply have nothing to offer. I come across so many Moms who are still trying to figure out what they want to do because this world constantly tells them that being a Mom is not enough. I'm hear to tell you, IT IS!  Motherhood is not a job intended to be on the side. It's something we have to give our whole lives to. It is a hard job. Extremely hard! But it is worth every second. If being a Mom is the ONLY thing you have to do all day, IT IS ENOUGH! It is the highest calling.

As I carry this fourth child at 34 years of age, I am reminded that having babies in my twenties or when I was 30 was so different. My body, even though I am still young, feels this pregnancy in a much different way. I am usually someone who LOVES being pregnant and while I still do, this has been the most challenging pregnancy yet and I am not even half way there. I'm tired all the time. I also have the "prolapsed cervix" issue that limits my activity. Before this pregnancy I was the most active I have ever been. Now I am told by the Doctor "No running, no exercise, no shopping. Stay off your feet until this baby is higher up into your abdomen. (our goal is 20 weeks)". I have felt depressed, defeated and completely out of control. The morning sickness still lingers in week 14. In fact I was on the phone yesterday with a dear friend and suddenly had to end the conversation because I gagged while talking. :) Funny to think about now. Yesterday afternoon I was in my bed just trying to sit still so I would not get sick. Thankfully Josiah and Ava Beth can get snacks and drinks but I hate that. I hate them feeling like I am not there to serve them. They are unloading the washer for me and putting stuff into the dryer and then taking clothes out of the dryer. They are vacuuming, they are sweeping. Ava Beth unloads the dishwasher while Josiah puts them away. They are doing so much to help me! Oh and Jeremy is going above and beyond!!! Words can't even describe how much help he is. But I also I know it is hard on him.

My family (our six) and home is my whole life. It's what I do best! To not be able to fully fulfill the role as wife and mom right now is KILLING me!! Josiah has 7 more days of school and I'm sad that He will no longer be a first grader. Next year I will have a second grader and kindergartner! Where has the time gone? Because I see how time flies, I struggle right now to be off my feet. I feel like I am not out making end of school year memories or baking cookies like I was. Although today I have decided we will bake cookies! Baking cookies brings a "happy" to all of us!

As lousy as I feel right now, I press on. I am on a mission. It's called MOTHERHOOD! Every argument I referee is a moment to teach forgiveness. Every fit thrown (sometimes by Mommy) is a time to teach self control. Every tear that is cried is a chance to share the comfort of the Lord and every hug that is given is an opportunity God gives me to redeem the past. These children are a gift and a dream come true. As tired as I feel right now, when I serve my family, the Holy Spirit fills me up. He gives me strength.. He is my portion. He gives me everything I need.

Ephesians 3:16 (New Living Translation)

16 I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.

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Kelly said...

Oh Amanda, how beautiful. You are so right about motherhood being a calling. I love your descriptions of the opportunities to teach and guide our children through arguments and tantrums (truly most are mine!). What wisdom.
Still praying for you to feel well, and love the image of the children helping you around the house. What a blessing you are giving them by allowing them to help out- they will grow so much in their confidence seeing how you trust them, and how they are making your days easier. So sweet!

Wendy said...

Crying. I love this! All of it, so true! We are so blessed! I am blessed to have you as a friend.

He is redeeming the past, and He is our portion. Thank you, Lord! ♥

Christina said...

I'm crying too! So beautiful Amanda and so very true! Being a wife and mommy is my dream too!

Dee said...

I love you sweet friend. As I read this, I am reminded of my times of being "down" and needing my family to help. I promise you this, they will grow an even greater appreciation for you through this AND will become closer and TRULY learn what family means. :) I know that it is incredibly frustrating, I know this firsthand.

And you're absolutely right! I LOVE being a mother. People look down on "us" who don't have a "real job" or who aren't using their "talents" --- God has shaped us for what we are doing. I have no doubt I am answering my calling. I am working my DREAM JOB! My pay is far above what any company could EVER pay me.

I am thankful for mommies like you in my life who enjoy the journey as much as I do! :)

Hugs, Prayers and as always, LOVE....

margaret said...

Thank you for these true words. So true and necessary to hear in today's world!