Friday, June 11, 2010

Evangeline or Jude!

If Monday does not get here soon, I am gonna scream! HURRY UP! This is a big event! I am already planning my outfit, yes an outfit for a sonogram and lunch afterwards! :) And it should not be too hard to figure out because my maternity clothing choice is small. I did buy some cute tanks from Walmart and Target that I think are super cute. They are not maternity but definitely bigger in size. I like for things to be snug around my belly to show the baby belly. I love it! But I don't want the tops to be too snug in other places so I layer with camisoles underneath. Makes me feel like everything is in place! :) The shirt pictured below was only $3.50 at WM so I may go buy every color and not feel guilty for it. And did I mention how HOT it is in Texas?!

Evangeline or Jude is moving around like crazy.  Just this morning I was laying in bed thinking about she or he and the baby chicken began to move.  Sometimes I will sit down and think about the baby and at that very moment, baby chick moves. I love it! I find myself getting extremely down not being able to run, especially seeing my hunky husband come in all sweaty after a five mile run. His 20 something mile weeks are hard to watch but I am so glad he is getting this time to himself and he doesn't have to wait at the front door, waiting to hit start on the Garmin and play on the iPod as I run in from a short or long run. It was like running a relay!  As hard as it's been to not run, those kicks I feel remind me of what an incredible purpose in life I have right now. Major construction going on in my baby belly and I truly love every second.

Whether or not I am carrying baby Evangeline or baby Jude, here are some things I am thinking I love and want! We have a Kid to Kid store down the road and they carry all of this stuff. Baby Legs, Evangeline or Jude, are a must! LOVE THEM! So check out the links! Fun, fun, fun, baby stuff!

Baby Legs

Swaddle Blanket (I saw this on tv and loved the design. I am going to start making blankets as soon as I know the sex. I can't wait!!!)

Crochet Flower Hat for Baby Evangeline (These were not around when Ava Beth was a baby)

Nursing Cover (The last time I nursed a baby, these were NOT invented. I already feel better about nursing now that I know these are available because I am modest to the core and this brings me peace. I am not one who can nurse with anyone around. NO ONE.)

In less than two weeks I will be 20 weeks and to me that is nuts! So as you can tell I have baby on the brain and it may be all I blog about from here on out. :)

Thanks for reading the thoughts from a mind invaded by nothing but baby!

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Michelle said...

I haven't commented in a LONG time!

Yay for you for planning to nurse. I highly recommend buying a couple of nursing camis. I had black and white and wore them daily. They allow you to nurse very discreetly, especially when they are layered under a regular tank. You pull the regular tank up, the nursing cami covers your tummy and all you do is drop the flap to expose the, well, uh, you know. I really liked the Motherwear ones, but Motherhood maternity had some good ones too.