Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 weeks with a bit of humor

25 weeks exactly!

We were headed to the grocery store so I thought while I was presentable, I would grab a picture.  I wear this skirt just about every other day.  I wish I had a few more of these.  It's not maternity but it works great and it's comfy! I hate shorts with a PASSION.  I have a hot date this weekend with my man of NINE years for our Anniversary and I may have to bust out into a dress that my friend, Jessica in Oregon, sent me.  

I have already gained 30 pounds. YES, 30!  The doctor is ALL over me about weight gain but I keep telling him that my body is not just gaining baby weight, but  my "non runner" body has emerged.  I am making up for those two years of hard core marathon training.  Don't let the black fool you!  There is a reason I love black! :)  He told me yesterday that I needed to start counting calories.  Instead, I ate two smores pop tarts for breakfast this morning and a slice of pizza for lunch.  Tonight I will even it out with baked salmon we are having for supper.  

In a few more months you will see the nose spread and the face widened.  I always have a BIG face towards the end.  Never get your driver's license renewed when you are 9 months pregnant like I did when I was pregnant with my first.  Wouldn't you know it is now time to renew and because I have renewed online before, I now have to go in and have a new picture taken! And guess who will have a BIG face on their driver's license again?  Yep, that's me!  People always look at it and say "Is this really you?"  Except lately. 

Oh and I must leave you with a picture of my feet.  This is what they look like after I have been on my feet cooking or cleaning.  This is only 25 weeks people!  Can you imagine what is to come?  I've decided to embrace the Barney Rubble feet and cankles!  I know many of you are going to be kind and say "You are not that big."  And I know I am not HUGE but I am definitely gaining weight at a more rapid pace than ever before and it's kind of funny!  At least I am still laughing about it.  Right?!

Thank you to my sweet friends Lauren and Kimmy who say "You are not that big.  You look great!"  Let me tell you though, both of these friends are 5'11 and swear they were the size of house boats when pregnant.  They lie! THEY LIE! :)  I am 5'6 girl.  My weight can only spread so far.  I think Lauren and Kimmy just gained weight because they were getting taller, not wider.

Embracing the new me,



Lauren said...

Laughing! I really like your illustration. ;)

Kelly said...

Just keep laughing!

Kate said...

you look awesome! it's always different with each preg. and i remember being much bigger with my #4! enjoy the food. it won't be long before you'll be back to running and marathon eating! :)