Wednesday, July 14, 2010


By the end of this week I will have purchased ALL of my Homeschool Curriculum!  God has provided almost $500 in the most unbelievable ways.  There wasn't a surprise check in the mail or anything like that, but I have found bargains, purchased used curriculum on ebay that was never used, had a garage sale, sold stuff on craigs list and then Wendy mailed my reading books for Josiah that she had already used and I cut my grocery bill in HALF for July (that was a miracle in itself).  Ebay has been the biggest source so far and everything but Josiah's Math Curriculum was brand new.  His Math is one of those things I purchased used but it was never used. :)  My Father's World Curriculum for Josiah is the most expensive but because I have saved on everything else, it fit into the budget.  

Yesterday I worked on a google doc for a close friend who is starting Homeschool this year.  I am sure when she saw it she thought I was a big nerd.  I typed out every subject, created links for what they need to buy and exactly what website to get it from (the cheapest) and then made a list of ideas for First Day of School and things to work on the first half of Kindergarten.  It was sooooooooo much fun to make!  I have discovered some new things I really enjoy.  I never imagined creating documents would be one of them but I am in LOVE with being educated on all the different curriculum.  I think I have become a nerd.  That's okay!

There have been moments this week when I have thought "Who are you? What happened to the old Amanda that often felt all over the place?  How is it that i feel so centered now?". Sally Clarkson's book has turned me inside out and started something new and I love it.  Not just the book but this pregnancy.  Someday I will have to explain to Jude how the Lord used him to completely change me to the core.  Just this afternoon I was walking the aisles of Ross and passing clothes and shoes that normally I would FLIP for.  The higher the shoes, the better.  You could not get me in a pair of stilettos to save my life (much to do with swollen feet and pregnancy).  Now instead of buying clothes and shoes, I want to buy books, book shelves, organizational stuff and curriculum.  I heard all the school supplies are out in the stores and I am drooling at the mouth just thinking about 24 cent crayons boxes, glue, scissors, markers, pencils and folders! I am addicted to School Supplies!! 

It looks like we are starting the day after Labor Day and I am now counting the weeks and soon will be counting the days.  I am so excited about the School Year!  Thank you Lord for this gift!  Thank you Lord for these children I have the privilege of discipling every single day and for this amazing Husband who supports me in ALL I do.  


Love Being a Nonny said...

Love your excitement!

Stacey said...


Christina said...

So happy for you Amanda! Your excitement is really contagious!!!! :-)

Paula said...

And I thank you!! I would thank you a tad better if it weren't that I am hugging the toilet bowl!! Love you!!

Michelle said...

This post made me smile. Glad you have joy in your heart these days!