Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning Resources Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart

I've looked on every website possible and researched the process of shipping, etc.  Total price on Amazon is the cheapest I found because the shipping is FREE!!  I ordered mine today!

If you need one, click here.  It does not come with a stand so if you need a stand, directions on how to make one can be found here. I doubt we will paint ours with spray paint because white is fine by me.

Happy Homeschool supply shopping!

P.S. I read a ton of reviews by Kinder teachers and Homeschoolers and they LOVE this!


Stacey said...

Hey, I would text you, but I lost all my numbers when my Blackberry died last week. :(

The kids are drawing with chalk on their regular walls, NOT chalkboard paint at all! I couldn't convince my husband to paint that wall black with chalkboard paint, but the chocolate brown wall serves as a fantastic canvas for their chalk creations. And it wipes right off!

Kelly Ann said...

Trey's teacher bought this for their classroom last year. It was a HIT! She loved it and the kids loved it!