Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a nice surprise

Last Friday on Jeremy's way home from work, he called and told me to have Ava Beth ready to run an errand with him as soon as he pulled into the driveway.  When I told her Daddy wanted her to go somewhere with him, she giggled and ran off to get her shoes.  I asked "Where are y'all going Sissy?" and she laughed.  "I can't tell you Mommy! It's a surprise!"  The night before I saw the two of them whispering in the living room. Obviously this was a part of that secret.

About thirty minutes later they walk in the door with a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate for a pedicure.  "Mommy, these are for you because you are the best Mommy in the whole wide world!"  I was beaming!  Then Jeremy handed me the gift certificate and said "I wanted to do this for you because I know how you have wanted one but won't spend money to get one for yourself."  He had told me last week to go treat myself to a pedicure and I refused.  I hate spending money on things like that because it doesn't last and I always feel guilty. 

Later he told me that Ava Beth had been asking him to take her to the store so she could buy me flowers and that he really wanted to get me a pedicure.  WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how blessed and loved I felt by their "gift giving".  Gifts that come on ordinary days speak VOLUMES because it truly shows that you have captured some one's heart.  Feels good to know I was on their mind and heart.

So often I have sat around feeling sorry for myself thinking "Why can't he bring home flowers or why can't he surprise me with something?  Why can't he just THINK to do something special?"  Well, why would he?  Why would you be on some one's heart when all you do is complain?  Why would he feel led to do something special for me when I am stressed from kids every single time he walks in the door from work?  But as the amazing work of the Holy Spirit has taken place in my life, it has also taken place in my family's life.  When our attitude changes and we start serving our husband and children with our WHOLE HEART, we then encourage them to do the same.  I will never forget what our Pastor said in pre-marital counseling during the last session before the wedding date.  It went something like this.  "Marriage is about giving.  Giving.  Giving.  Giving and giving.  When you give, the other person can't help but to give.  Soon you are trying to out give one another and you have solid relationship."

The Holy Spirit works on our behalf.  When we are serving Christ and aligning our lives with Him, don't be surprised at what happens.  It was HIM who brought those flowers and pedicure.  He was the one to inspire my husband and daughter to bless me.  And you know what?  It feels good to have those you love more than anything in this world, acknowledge you.  What a blessing!  



Stacey said...

that is delightful! enjoy it, girl! you deserve it!

Wendy said...

so sweet and thoughtful. ♥ it!

Amanda said...

Thanks u two!! U r always such givers with your comments! Luv yall!

I live IN Jesus said...

You are such a neat lady(I am actually going to comment once for probably the last months worth of entries!! ;))!! I LOVE what Jesus is doing in your life. I can relate to SO much of what you say about thinking you aren't a good enough mommy to have another(I feel that way too), feeling guilty about getting a pedicure(I SO do that!!), wanting your husband to stand and be the spiritual leader, and desiring to want to be a good servant to your family, I am sure there are more! I have been increasingly convicted by ALL that you write and have been begging the Lord to change me to be more like him, more joyful, more merciful, full of grace and patient, instead of grumbly and grouchy, complaining in my head as I go that I don't ever get noticed for ALL that I have sacrificed.....when I think on it, it really is sad that I do these things. However, in reading your wonderful testimony of what the Lord is doing for you and your family--I think I will continue to pray diligently(beg) for Him to change me.....
You are an incredible person and I admire your tenacity and loyalty to our God.
God bless you and your beautiful family!
Sarah T

Stacey said...

By the way, we do something similar to Mozart hour everyday but never named it so thanks for the name!

Tiffany said...

Your life gives me and SO MANY others inspiration, encouragement, creativity, challenge and joy, 'Manda.

I PRAISE GOD for the "new thing" that He is doing in you and your family. :) All I can do is smile when I think of you (and wonder what's next?). :)

Enjoy that pedicure...may you feel JESUS "washing your feet" with love!

I love you!
Tiff ;)

Kelly said...

How sweet! Enjoy that pedicure! Thank you for sharing all God is doing, you are encouraging so many:-)
(And I have to add that I LOVE your mom's comment on your childbirth post! She said exactly what I was thinking. )

Paula said...

AAAWWWWW How sweet...what mountains God has moved!! Now plan some "me" time and enjoy every bit all the whole praising God for your beautiful family!!! Because YOU DESERVE IT!!!