Monday, July 26, 2010

things on my mind while the kids are in "Mozart Hour"

It's "Mozart Hour" and dinner is spaghetti (easy meal), chores are done and Mama is relaxing!  So why not relax in front of my computer and share with the world (mostly strangers) what's on my mind.

I am considering natural childbirth.  There I said it!! I said it!  

-I read a book this past weekend about natural childbirth.  Actually, it was about "Supernatural Childbirth".

-I shared with Jeremy my thoughts and prayers about natural childbirth and he DID NOT roll his eyes are say anything like "YOU? Natural?"  

-I've shared with a few friends who have same desire or who have already done it.

-EVERY person I have told has had a positive response.

-I have not made a decision but it is something I am praying about and reading about DAILY.

-I watched a program about natural childbirth.  It did not scare me.  It made me want to push. :)

-I was induced all three times.

-The last birth I did not enjoy.  I almost had a panic attack when I could not move my legs.

-I told my doctor at my last visit that I DID NOT want to be induced nor did I want pitocin.

-He encouraged an epidural.  I knew he would.

-My Doctor can't make me do anything I don't want to do.

-I'm not afraid to tell him that.

-If I go this direction, I will ask for a nurse who will be good for natural childbirth.  

-If the nurse is not who I need, she will be fired. :)

-I looked into changing to a midwife but because of insurance and being so late in my pregnancy, it won't work.

-I wish one of my friends would become a certified doula and become one fast! :)

-I do not want a home birth.  I do not want a tub birth.

-I fear sharing this on my blog because THIS is a topic that EVERY WOMAN who has ever had a baby feels they have the BEST idea out there on this subject.  

-This is no surprise to me that I am feeling led to do this.  It seems to be a natural progression based on the other cool stuff God is up to.

-Marathons have proven to me that I am strong and NOT a quitter.

-No, I do not think a Marathon is the same as natural childbirth.  But I do feel the MIND is powerful and can prove the body wrong. 

-Maybe I should not be sharing ANY of this. :)

-This is why I love having a comment moderator, ME!

Oh and look what came in the mail today! I got a brand new one on ebay for half the price!  Now I just need a breast pump!  Oh and a car seat, pack n play, bumbo, etc.! I LOVE craigs list and ebay!!!

As I prepare for the birth of Jude, I am reminded of a scripture in Proverbs.  "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps."  Proverbs 16:9  I can have a birthing plan, a breastfeeding plan and a plan to get baby Jude on a schedule but as we know, things do not always go according to planned.  That is why I am SATURATING this birthing plan in a huge amount of prayer.  HE IS IN CONTROL!



Christy said...

I just love you! I love reading about your life! You inspire me.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I had one epidural birth and two natural births. It is YOUR baby....go for it!

Brittnie said...

I say go, girl!

If I ever get married and have kids, I want to birth them naturally if possible.

What the movie you watched the Ricki Lake one?

Christina said...

Just wanted to say - go in the direction He is leading and you'll never go wrong...regardless of anyone else's opinion. love reading your thoughts!!! :-D

Amanda said...

I have heard about the Ricky Lake one but no not that one. Just some stuff on demand and discovery. But my friend and neighbor and my sister in law have both done all their births NATURAL!! They are a HUGE encouragement!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Hey girl! Have you heard of the Bradley method? Look it up. Several friend of mine have done it. It engages your husband instead of a stranger. Or, I could always be in the room with you? LOL. ;)

Amanda said...

Yes lauren! That's the class we were gonna take but it's 12 weeks which means I would have 2 weeks til then and it's $250 and childcare needed! But I've got a book I'm gonna read and my friend and neighbor used the Bradley method!

Christie Taylor said...

I wholeheartedly support that desire! I had complications with both births (both induced, both with an epidural). My sister went all natural, and swears she would never do anything differently. She claims the most amazing thing was watching your body work the way that God intended it to work. She was completely cognizant of everything going on, and I wish I had been that lucid with my babies!

Kelly said...

I want to say "go for it" because this is right up my alley (I had a mid wife for both births and it was wonderful).
However, even more I want to say congratulations for following where God is leading you! You are SO right, every woman feels that "their" way is best, but you are listening to God and that really is THE best. Regardless of what you decide you will have the peace of knowing God is right there with you... and it will all be to His glory.

Love, love, love hearing how God is growing you and your family. Wow! What an adventure:-)

Karen said...

In my humble opinion, there is only one way to have a baby -- the way YOU want to!

Whatever your experience, I want to be part of it.

I love you.

Michelle said...

I had both of my babies in a hospital with a ob, but pain med free. If we have a third, I'll do it again. It hurts like all get out, but it's also an amazingly intense experience and I loved fully experiencing all aspects of birth.

I've blogged about both births here and here:

I did have a doula for our first and she was awesome. For the second, my husband and I went at it alone since we learned so much from her the first time.

I was induced with the 2nd (at week 41) and still went epidural free, so it's definitely possible.

I think your best bet is to be prepared to go either way - read up, learn some of the 'tricks', prepare the husband,etc - but extend yourself some grace if you decide it's not working pain-med free.

Amey said...

I've had 2 hospital epidural births, 1 c-section and my last was an all natural waterbirth. Natural birth BY FAR was my most cherished experience as well as my husbands because he felt like he got to really participate for the first time. And the water was the only place I wanted to be it felt so good. You CAN do it! I had 26 hours of labor and it was one of the most satisfying events of my life. I recommend reading anything by Ina May Gaskin. And BTW, if it makes you feel better, I gained 50 lbs with baby #1 and baby #2 ;) Love you!