Friday, August 27, 2010

29 Weeks pictures and a cute boy in converse!

10 weeks or less!  We hope!  I don't want Jude to have jaundice or anything else so if I go to 40 weeks (please not more) than so be it!!  So excited to NOT be induced!  Praying I get the natural childbirth I am dreaming of!!

You have seen me in this dress before, just several weeks ago. I told you I have three outfits I wear all the time, over and over again.  This is one of them! :)

I have been telling my doctor to lay off of the weight gain "talk" because the last ten weeks are USUALLY when I quit gaining.  It was nice to finally be right!  FINALLY I only gained a pound and a half in the last two weeks.  I celebrated at Baskin Robbins but don't tell him!

My Doctor walked into the room I was waiting in straight from a natural childbirth delivery and he said it was an awesome birth and his patient did well. He expects my natural delivery to be the same.  Oh how I pray! Found out that due to sanitary and health reasons, you have to bring your own birthing ball.  Not sure if I will do that.  But he said since I live so close to the hospital, about five minutes away, that as long as I keep in contact with him and my water has not broke, I can labor at home for quite a while.  Good!  That's what I wanted to hear!

(Thank you to Ava Beth, my  very own maternity photographer.  Not bad for a Kindergartner! The pics are pretty grainy from the blackberry.)

I love me some baby Zekey!  Look at those cute feet!  I could eat him up!

My kids live in converse during the Fall so Ezekiel got his new pair today.  I save every pair and Ava Beth will be sporting some grey ones this year that were once wore by Josiah. The only ones we have that would fit Zeke right now are pink and that won't work.  But I love how the grey and navy work for both boy or girl!  She also has some high top pink ones that she loves to wear with tights, leggings or jeggings.  Love that look!

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Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, it is so fun to see your baby belly! You look beautiful!

So glad you can labor at home for so long and your doctor is so supportive of a natural delivery, that makes such a difference.