Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of Summer fun (updated)

As my friend and mentor reminded me today "You are the Captain of the Ship and you choose what works best!" and as plans changed for the week and we acquired some time with Daddy and my Mom, School is not in session yet!  And that's what is so cool about Homeschooling. I can do what I want! Our original plans were to begin the day after Labor day so I am not behind schedule on curriculum.  Thankfully the one who helps me plan my year is just as OCD as myself when it comes to planning out the lessons and figuring out Thanksgiving/Christmas and all the other breaks and she knows I want to be done in May and so does she.  And since she had a newborn last year around the same time my baby is due and she did not start until Labor Day than I know I can too!  Plus Jeremy said, "Babe, don't start while I am taking vacation.  You know I will just get on your nerves anyway!".  This is true y'all.  So true!  Did I mention I was done with School by the middle of May last year?  Homeschool truly does rock! But this year I am going with Kim's school year.  Labor Day-Memorial Day!  LOVE IT!

So for the next few days I am going to enjoy my family and some "End of Summer" fun!  I even plan to put out all my Fall decorations like I do every year.  I always put it out on Sep. 1st, even though it is still 100 degrees! The vision of Fall gives us all HOPE!  I made the kids take their Nature Notebooks to my Doc appointment the other day and their very first assignment while I was in with the Doctor was to sketch a "Vision of Fall."  This is very therapeutic for Texans!  We still have a long way to go before the trees will change but a Texan can still dream!

Have a good week y'all!

(our co-op group found a location so it's back on for the Fall semester!  Every Wednesday Josiah will be in PE and Lego Fungeneering and in the afternoon Ava Beth has dance.  So excited!! We are finally going to be a part of the real life Homeschool world!  Thank you Lord for the friends we are going to make! And the location is at a church in our neighboring city! close! WOO HOO!)


Wendy said...

Good idea! I think I'll pull all mine out on Sept. 1st as well. :)

Enjoy the last days of summer!

Kelly said...

Love the freedom of homeschooling- you are so blessed! Praise God for your co-op , you know that will be such an awesome source of encouragement:-)