Monday, August 23, 2010

Jeremy's 35th Birthday Weekend

Jeremy left Saturday morning at 6:30am for his 15 mile run.  I got the kids up to tell him Happy Birthday before he left and then we headed out for donuts.  Then we met Jeremy at 7 miles with water and then went to his 13 mile mark and put out Gatorade.  He looked STRONG when we saw him and was feeling good.  The kids were thrilled to see him on his run and so proud!

We live in a plethora of HILLS and I knew he would have one last hill on his run back to the house so we jumped back in the car and found him getting close to the last hill.  We honked, screamed and cheered!  We stayed with him his last mile which was FAST and at the end of our cul-de-sac, the kids begged to get out and walk with him.  He is smart and finishes before he gets to our street so he can walk it out.  I never did that.  Ezekiel spilled chocolate milk all over him at donut shop so he was in his Buzz Light year Underwear! You can't see Josiah because he is behind Jeremy but they were all so proud of him.  Yep, that's my man!  The good looking tan one without a shirt on! :) Oh and he is wearing his new running shorts we got him.  They are  Nike Dry Fit with black/ bright yellow and a tiny little LIVE STRONG tag.  He told me later that he loved how we were out there cheering him on and how much it helped on the last hill.  It felt so good to be there for him since last year he supported me in TWO marathons.  I am so proud of him and he has no pain or soreness from the run.  He is a rock star!  This week he has a 4, 8, 4 and 16 mile run and I am so excited for him!

His Chocolate cake!  It was yummy if I do say so myself!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at a swimming hole in Georgetown and we had a blast!  I have some really cute video to post later of the kids jumping off a rock into the water.  If you live close to Georgetown, you must go to THE BLUE HOLE.  It's free and beautiful!

It was in INCREDIBLE weekend!  Friday we went to dinner for pasta (he needed fueling for the 15 miler) at Olive Garden and we gave him all his presents there except for one that has not come in yet (hopefully today).  We gave him Hal Higdon's MARATHON book, Nike dry fit running shorts and a Nike Dry fit running shirt (he will need ones of these maybe in the Fall but for now he goes shirtless in this heat).  Oh and Friday for lunch we took balloons to his work.  I'm all about Birthdays and I like to make them last a long time!  His was a three day celebration and I pray that he felt loved, supported and celebrated.  He is one incredible Husband and Father and I am so proud to be his wife!

I love you Jeremy!

(P.S.  I know I said I had a "35 things about Jeremy" blog to post but I decided to keep it private.  Nothing better than telling your man 35 reasons you think he is AMAZING!)


Wendy said...

Looks like such a great day! I thought of you guys when we were celebrating Steve's birthday on Saturday. :)

Way to go on the training, Jeremy! He's doing awesome. When is his marathon?

Christina said...

Looks like you all had an amazing weekend! Happy Belated Bday Jeremy!

You 2 are so cute together! :-)

Kelly said...

What a fun way to celebrate him as a family! (I love that you got the kids up early to cheer him on, and think it is precious that you are making the 35 things private- I'm sure he loves them!)

Kim said...

Oh, I miss those swimming holes! So fun!!! What a precious birthday. Can you imagine having those kind of memories. What a blessing it is for your children to have those kind of family times together :)