Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Something happens when all the kids go back to school, Chic-fi-la is empty!  I have serious issues with playgrounds at fast food restaurants and my children will tell you that I never let them play on them because I think they are gross.  I also struggle with the big kids that climb up the slides and bully the little ones.  My self control gets away from me and the "Mama bear" comes out and I find myself getting onto other people's kids at these type of playgrounds so usually I refrain and stick with the drive through/eat in the car!  Don't worry, they still get the McDonald's playground experience, just not with me.  But in my opening sentence of this paragraph you read that when all the kids go back to school, those playgrounds become empty. EMPTY!  Until the clock strikes 11am and all the new mommies come in with their babies and toddlers.  Then I begin to worry about my kids being the unruly children climbing up the slide the wrong way.  You know how those "Homeschooled" kids can be!

So you guessed it! I took the kids to Chic-fi-la this morning for breakfast and NO ONE was there.  Since I knew it would be empty, I gathered my lesson plans, my calendar and some curriculum I wanted to get more familiar with and brought them along.  As soon as the kids finished eating breakfast, they headed for that magical glass wall room filled with the giant play scape and played while I planned.  I could see them but I could not hear them except for a few laughs seeping through the glass windows.  It was HEAVEN!!!!  We stayed for over two hours and I got more done than I would ever get done at home.  There was no fighting, crying or melt downs, just fun!

Then we headed to Target for some last minute stuff I needed for next week's School week and you guessed it!  EMPTY!  Once again there were young Moms with their new babies (that seems like a lifetime ago) but other than that, empty!  

Because I am so excited and since I know all the lessons for next week and feel good about it, we are starting Monday instead of Wednesday.  Ava Beth has already started her Kinder curriculum because she's so excited but since I can't seem to ease my way into anything in life, Monday will be the day we "go all out"!  The last two years we have had a Back to School breakfast with Homemade donuts or monkey bread and each child gets a little gift and  the first day of School is never complete without first day of School pictures!  

There is a huge gift that comes with Homeschooling.  As a Mom I feel fulfilled in the most amazing way!  The Summer is so overrated in my opinion.  Even though May will come and we will be very anxious to begin Summer, there is something magical about the beginning of the year and the confidence and PURPOSE it brings to the Homeschooling Mama!  I am feeling blessed and so excited!  I feel I have purpose again.

Oh and for sure there will be many more planning breakfasts at Chic-fi-la!  

Here are some pictures from the last two years of our 1st day!  Amazing to see how the kids have changed. Well everything but the buzz cut all boys in Texas have when it's Summer! Josiah's hair will be the same for this year's picture too!  

Josiah-Kindergarten 5 1/2 years old

Ava Beth 3 1/2

Ezekiel 1 1/2 (took two naps a day and he was EASY back then)

Josiah 1st Grade 6 1/2

Ava Beth 4 1/2 and Ezekiel 2 1/2 (not as easy as he was last year during school)

I can't wait to post this year's pics on Monday!  It's year three and I love Homeschooling more today than ever!  I pray my love for this only grows!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prayers..I have most certainly needed them and I have felt them! I will be praying for your first day & can't wait to hear all about it and see cool that we are starting the same day! :)

Kelly said...

Sounds like the perfect morning:-) I loved those times when the playgrounds were empty...sweet tea from Chik fil a while the girls played on the other side of the glass wall got me through many nights home alone with toddlers when Rusty was in grad school!

Naomi said...

love this!! So excited for you and I as God continually reveals our purpose as we faithfully seek him! THank you for being a great homeschooling Advisor to me, and inspiring me to continually seek my purpose as a mother in my children's lives! love you friend!