Thursday, September 30, 2010

comments no more!

So here I am again! I love when God is speaking to me cause I just feel like a sponge needing to unload. :) Obviously.

I am turning comments off on all blog posts except for maybe one day a week. Tiffany suggested having a "comment day". Ha! We will see. Anyway, when I left the world of Facebook I felt so free and clear of static in my life. I honest to God do not miss it AT ALL and the word "Facebook" kind of makes me cringe. I am finding more and more Moms who have also decided to "deactivate" and they too have found undeniable peace. So I am going to do the same thing with comments on my blog. I am turning them off.

This is not due to ugly comments because I don't have to publish them but it is for some other reasons that I have been thinking about today. Plus it strips me of ANY ego and any desire to "need" comments. It may not be forever and I may open comments for the day my Jude Bug is born and give you the chance to tell me how perfect he is but maybe not til then! :) 

I just feel this will keep my motives in check and even check the motives of some of you. Make sense? I think so!

Oh and I love most of the emails I get! Please keep sending them because it may take me forever to respond but eventually I will. As long as you are nice! :) And most of you are LOVELY!

And not mad, angry or depressed even though lots of you think I am! I promise I am at peace!