Tuesday, September 28, 2010

redeeming the suck

Time for honesty. It's looking like a rough few days ahead. All three kids are now sick with some sort of cold and complaining is at an all time high. I'm not sleeping well during this 34th week of pregnancy and lack of sleep is rough on any person, especially a mama who has to teach. Teaching on little sleep and trying to motivate three little ones to "Do everything without complaining or arguing" is difficult.  (Philippians 2:14)

I made some changes in curriculum this past Friday and we began the new stuff yesterday. It's more challenging for Josiah is many ways but I know deep down it is better for him. He likes them both but it is more work.  And that's when he begins to complain! My best friend, Kelly Ann, explains this is the most incredible way so you will have to read what she says here. Just reading what she had to say made me feel tons better because it's nice to know I am not alone. We both have second graders and rely a lot on each other to get through those tough days. She also made some changes with her stuff so we are both experiencing the same kind of challenges this week.

I'm trying not to write what she did but her blog post made me think so much about what I feel God is doing in my own life. I knew Josiah could do more than what we were doing with the original curriculum for Spelling and Grammar. In many ways I felt like I had taken him backwards. It was a very tough decision to switch because I knew the "change" would rock his world. I could have left things how they were but I knew deep down that he could handle more. I hear a lot of homeschool Moms do not enjoy teaching grammar but I do. It's my favorite! I also love teaching Spelling and Vocabulary. We went back to what we used last year for Spelling and I am doing something brand new for Grammar. He has already learned to identify the subject and verb in sentences and today we do pronouns. I love it! He told me yesterday he liked how I was teaching it and writing stuff on the white board.  So I guess he gave me an A+ with Grammar. Spelling and Vocab he likes much better than the one we were doing the last three weeks but it is more work. And that's when that boy complains! He is a perfectionist in a hard core kind of way (wonder where he gets that from). When he sees that he spelled words incorrectly, he becomes upset. I can see defeat all over his face. I have learned that when I have to show him parts of things he missed, I have to do it carefully. I have to do it in love and making big X marks all over his paper is not the way to do it. Thankfully the Holy Spirit has helped me and guided me as I make corrections with Josiah. 

Make sure you read what Kelly Ann wrote about her day with Trey yesterday because it reminds me of Josiah and it reminds me of myself. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much. He knows when we are capable of more. He knows when we need to be challenged. He knows when seeing our mistakes is going to be hard for us to see. He also knows we often need a gentle touch from Him. Last night in one of my MANY trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I prayed a simple prayer. "Father, my attitude has sucked lately. I'm tired and grumpy and in my tired and grumpy state, I have sinned. I have been ugly to the kids and to my husband and despite my sin, I ask you to wrap your arms around me and allow me to feel LOVE from you." 

Isn't that what we do with our kids? They misbehave. They act like crazy people in stores when you are trying to shop. They get out of bed fifty million times after you have tucked them in for the night and said "DO NOT GET OUT OF BED." They complain, argue, fight with one another and nag for hours on end about a toy they want. Yet I have never found it difficult to love on them, hug and kiss them and tell them how wonderful they are. They are forgiven instantly. And that is exactly how our Father in Heaven feels about us, except He loves us in a way we can't even comprehend. 

So thank you Kelly Ann for your blog post and thank you Lord, Jesus for new days, a fresh start and pushing me when you know I can do MORE!

Now it's time to see if these snotty nosed kids are going to be able to get through the day with School work! Pray for me! :)

There are those days that just plain suck but there are usually three great ones to redeem the suck! Time to redeem the suck!


Kelly said...

"Time to redeem the suck"- LOVE IT:-)

I needed this today, and am totally writing the Phil scripture on the frig for the girls and I all to be reminded of. The girls have been fighting colds and viruses for the past month, and this morning it just started wearing on me... I need to move on without the grumbling and complaining. Thanks for the reminder (and encouragement!).

So glad your school year is going well! What a blessing to be with them and learn from them probably as much as you are teaching!

Kelly Ann said...

Great post, friend! Today was MUCH better! I love fresh, new days! I love our adventures!!