Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kelly Ann

Back in the Summer she came to visit and we talked Homeschool Shop for hours. It was not official yet but it looked like she would begin her first year of Homeschool after two years of Charter/Public School. We prayed and prayed and waited for the "Go" and then we got it! 

I wish I had her wisdom when I started Homeschool a few years ago. I learned so many things the hard way and she is learning and growing in ways that I am so proud to see and be a part of.

So please take a moment and read what she has written here. I am so proud to have her as my friend. 20 years and counting! Put the two of us together and we are UNSTOPPABLE! We planned many years ago when our boys were just little guys that we would Homeschool together. Finally it has come true! Now if God could put us in close proximity instead of three hours apart, that would be better! But we will take what we can get! Text during School hours about how the day is going and how we are going to teach a certain subject will do for now. Our second graders are schooling together whether they know it or not!


Kim said...

Hey! Three hours is better than two days :) You guys need to find a halfway point (Salado?) for picnics and such! What a blessing :)

Amanda said...

Oh Salado is very close to me! 35 min!

But Waco for sure and the Waco zoo rocks!!!!!! And Dr pepper museum and Texas Ranger museum!

Kelly Ann said...

Thank you for your sweet post! You are one of my great encouragers! I love "keepin' it real" with you over text while teaching our boys.

YES!! We should totally meet in the middle!! All the places you listed are awesome!! What about Glen Rose for the Dinosaur Park??? :)

I love you dearly friend!

Kim said...

Hey, isn't there a big animal park in Glen Rose too? A drive through type of place. I remember taking the girls when they were really small. It was a lot of fun too!