Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just in case you thought my life was perfect, here's how I feel today.


It was one of the worst Homeschooling days I think I have ever had.  If you Homeschool, you understand WHY.  Dealing with sin nature in your children and yourself is tough.  I tend to turn inward when I am down so I am trying to press through this.  Please pray for me and know that when you have a hard Homeschooling day, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Tonight I will take full advantage of the drive through and early bed times.  32 weeks of pregnancy is FILLED with emotion.  WOW!

I've got my "Three" (Kelly Ann, Tiffany and Kim) who have all three prayed or talked with me and helped me through this storm and I have my Lord and Saviour who is so faithful.  The enemy is pressing in right now and I'm not going to take it lying down. He has a fighter on his hands and he knows better than to mess with me! I've overcome way too much in my life to let him win over my emotions.  

I continue on the Exodus route!

 A friend told me about this song yesterday and I thanked God for not being in the desert.  But today is one of those days, JUST A DAY, when I feel the desert heat all around me.  

There is no doubt that I will be playing this song I have posted all the way to AB's dance class today! Thank you Lord for the fire.  The fire brings me to you.  Always.


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Kelly said...

OK, I LOVE how God works! Just today this song was recommended to me, but I hadn't looked for it yet. Then tonight I was feeling SO down and empty, and picked up the book I have been reading (Priscilla Shirer's One In A Million) which spoke directly to this... about being called out of the desert and not allowing our emotions to rule us, but allowing God to bless us even with our emotions. When we struggle, but somehow maintain hope and trust in the goodness He has for us, then we receive the true blessing. Not sure if this makes sense, but it is so cool to me when God brings up the same point several times. I absolutely am blown away by how often that happens with your writing, and I hope you know what blessing you are through your willingness to share your journey. Continuing to pray for you and trusting God has an amazing day for you tomorrow:-)