Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This week we are reading about the English Pioneers. It's sobering to read about all the hard work the women and children took part in. My kids unload the dishwasher, vacuum and help with laundry but I am not sure how Josiah would react if I told him he had to keep the fire going. Or if I told Ava Beth she had to knit socks for all three of her brothers and patch their torn clothes. 

Then there is "Goodwife". You thought Goodwife was just the name of a silly TV show didn't you? Well, it actually is a term used for the English Pioneer women. Goodwife was used instead of Mrs. or Ms.. She was the "Mother of the family." And she was a hard working Mother and Wife at that! So I've decided when Jeremy gets home today that we are going to discuss "the children" taking on more chores and how he should now refer to me as Goodwife instead of "Babe."

I will let you know how it goes! I never knew 2nd grade American History could be so enlightening but I like it!

Time to go check the kettle hanging over the fire! Oh wait, my five year old daughter can do that. I've got to gather my grease and fat for the lye I have to make. And if I don't do it now the laundry will pile up fast!

Goodwife Amanda


Michelle said...

I take offense at one thing: Good Wife is not a silly show! It's one of my favorites. Juliana Marg-however you spell her name- nails the role of conflicted mom/wife. I started watching it just as I had to go back to work (I'm not working anymore - long story) and I loved how she conveys the reluctantly working mom who would rather be with her kids but at the same time feels guilty when she enjoys her work.

happy history studying!!

Amanda said...

You know I have heard that is a good show!! Just know that whatever show I would have mentioned (if needed) I would have used the adjective silly before it. I watch silly shows like CASTLE, HOUSE and SWAMP PEOPLE. :)I've dropped some others that are way "sillier". :)

Thank you for that other comment too! I keep meaning to email you and I want to get that book AND if you live in the Hill Country, we should meet up! I would love that!