Monday, September 20, 2010

potpourri of pictures

Jeremy will kill me for posting this pic because it's our Christopher Columbus boats in our nasty pool. It is almost completely drained and it has an "un-fixable" hole so we are throwing it in the trash (we got our $200 worth out of it for sure)! But it had enough water for us to sail the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Josiah and I were in charge of constructing the Nina and Pinta but Daddy was in charge of the SANTA MARIA! He took his boat way too seriously but he said since it was the boat Christopher himself was on, it had to be better! :)

We had planned on digging a gully, lining it with saran wrap, filling with water and sailing the ships but I was forewarned it did not work well. Thanks Kim! And since we had such a wide open space, Josiah decided he wanted to shoot cannon balls at the boats to capsize them. We had read about cannon balls destroying ships earlier in the week  so it was fun to throw huge rocks and sink the ships! Oh the joys of having boys! They teach me so much! Most of all they teach me how to have fun!

Sunday was a Pie kind of day! We had Shepherd's Pie for dinner and then...

Chocolate Chip pie for dessert!
And this time I did not make homemade pie crust! Why should I when it is this easy?!

If only we had Blue Bell Vanilla Bean (my pick) or Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla (Jeremy's pick) it would have been so much better! BUT, it did not disappoint!

School was awesome today on sooooooo many levels! We enjoyed the Jamestown Colony lesson for History and the kids were thrilled to find out Pocahontas was a real Indian Princess. 

And this afternoon we begin reading this and Josiah is very excited about all things "Indian".

"Mommy, can I paint for cool today?" Ezekiel asked. 
(he pronounces School without the S. Therefore, it is called COOL.)

I replied, "Of course you can Zekey."

"Oh thank you Mommy. That makes Jesus so happy! He is so happy when you let me paint in cool. Jesus likes that."

I could eat him up! Love that boy so much! These are the glorious days worth sharing!

And someday soon I will have a REAL camera and not have to use the worthless Blackberry to take pictures!


Naomi said...

nice boats!!! Your pies do look delish!!! GOOO Jeremy on your 18miler! We look fwd to cheering on the sidelines at his race.

Kelly Ann said...

The boats turned out GREAT!!

Love that Zeke!! Shaefer loves to paint during "cool" too!!

Kelly said...

I love your "cool"!

The pie looks delish... chocolate chip pie? I've never heard of it, but I will be googling it for sure!

Kim said...

Love it! So glad Daddy got in on the action ;) We have been out of town for the last couple of days. Have to catch up on the new MFW stuff! Wish you lived closer ... Jamestown is practically in our backyard!

Oh, and I love your autumn pics and yummy food! Puts me in the fall mood even when it is still 90+ degrees around here :(

Christina said...

I have 1 request, if you mention a meal you are making and/or choose to attach a yummy looking picture to boot can you PLEASE also include the recipe?????? tanks! lol ;-)