Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Exodus Route

We are learning many things this week in Homeschool. In History we are studying Christopher Columbus, in Math we are memorizing addition facts, in Science we are studying "air", in Grammar we are finishing up the rules of sentences and of course in spelling we have new words for the week. But my favorite thing I get to teach and talk about this week is the Bible.  Our Curriculum has lead us in a study on names.  My kids have been learning what their names mean and why we chose them. In addition we have learned the meaning of the name JESUS.  Jesus is a Greek word that means the Lord Saves. I love that each and every day of School, my kids get to pray and talk about JESUS.  They are getting to know Him more in School.  What an incredible thought!

Josiah will enjoy constructing three ships this week for a Christopher Columbus study.  We will go outside, dig a gully, fill it with water and sail the "Nina", "Pinta" and "Santa Maria" and pretend the water is the Atlantic ocean.  And he will remember that for the rest of his life! He will do a couple of Science Experiments with His Daddy this week, take his first Math test of the 2nd grade and enjoy the life of being a boy. Ava Beth will learn to read even more than she is now (she can now read small words!), she will practice handwriting and Math and play with her three year old brother while I help Josiah and she will change clothes at least five times in one day. And I am quite sure she will carry her cd player into the living room with a cd from Aunt Kelly's church and perform ballet for me every afternoon.  Ezekiel will enjoy his coloring, play doh and basketball hoop MiMi gave him. He will throw many fits but have us all laughing too.  He will continue to be loud and demanding as he tries to get his way, but he will also be my sweet baby boy.  

Memories are made each and every day in Homeschool.  That's why it is a such a gift.  I won't get any breaks from my children.  There won't be any time in my day to run out and get a pedicure or enjoy time alone.  I will referee, teach, cook, clean and do it over and over again before Jeremy gets home and we end the night together as a family.  I will be tired.  My body will hurt from being almost 32 weeks pregnant. My feet will swell. I will try to sneak in a nap, but it may not happen.  I will not put on makeup today and I may stay in my pajama pants because they are so comfortable.  While it may not sound glamorous or doable for some, it is the life I LOVE and adore.

A few years ago I went to bed at night wondering what on earth I was called to do.  Being a wife and mother did not seem to bring the satisfaction I thought it would.  I looked for opportunities to "get out" of the house and chase after my own passions.  I loved my husband and kids but I did not know how to connect to the life I had been given.  I longed for bedtimes just so I could have a moment to myself.  My creativity and passion were being channeled into things outside of my home, especially ministry.  I had "up and down" relationships, dead end friendships that I CONSTANTLY questioned and I was the most insecure person you would ever meet. 

As I think about the changes God has so miraculously done in my life, I think about the Greek meaning of the name JESUS.  It is so true.  THE LORD SAVES. He not only saved my life and gave me salvation through Him when I was a little girl but He also saves me every single day.  The most incredible thing is that He saves us when we don't even realize we are drowning.  

He has rescued me from many pits. He has changed my way of thinking. He has given me new eyes. He has  given me a new passion. He has restored years of pain. He has removed people from my life who were not "for" me.  He has given me victory! He has given me my dreams! HE HAS SAVED ME!

And each and every single day I get to bask in His glory as I serve and honor my husband and children.  He has saved me and because of that, I give 100% to the mission field He has entrusted to me.  MY HOME. For I am fulfilled and full when I go to bed each night. I no longer wonder who I am or who I will be because WHAT I am is enough. What I am is the dream come true and I praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for calling me to this beautiful thing called Motherhood.

Egypt is not a place I ever care to visit again. I can still smell the wasteland and the nasty flesh that was there. I can still hear what the enemy used to whisper into my ear as I traveled that forsaken place. But I won't forget when my almighty Father said "It's time to leave, it's time for you to be the woman I have called you to be. Follow me, trust me and put the past behind you because I've got something huge."  And boy did He!! 

Here I am sitting in the "Promised Land" enjoying the view and it is a beautiful place to be. It took me a few years to get here but the journey taught me so much about HIS unfailing and faithful love.


Isaiah 43:1-2

(you have to come back tomorrow because I can't wait to share with you something amazing the Lord gave me to share!)


Kate said...

so true. so perfectly said. i love seeing God mold and unfold you. and even though i'm starting my 9th year of homeschooling, your words are so encouraging to ME! beautiful reminder of what i am doing and why.
miss you xo

Tiffany said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Amanda...this is a message that must be shared again and again and again. What you have just said is SO FOREIGN to SO MANY of us wives and mothers, who deep down, want this kind of satisfaction, but feel hopeless that it can/will ever be a reality.

I am honored to be touched by your life and to get a "front row view" of this MIRACLE...and I'm encouraged that God is "no respector of persons"...He can do it in my life too! Thank you for your obedience, girl...and thank you, JESUS for your saving power!!!

I love you...
Tiff ;)

Kim said...

Beautiful. I knew you would nestle in this afternoon and glean from the struggles! You always do!

Paula said...

beautiful journey Amanda!!!

Wendy said...

I have loved following your journey for so many years! Thanks for always sharing your heart.

I hope you are having a great week!