Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lead Me

This past year God did an amazing thing in my marriage.  He healed it!  Miraculously HEALED it!  Two months from today, our 4th child is due.  The birth of Jude symbolizes the new birth of our intimacy, our love, our friendship and our  family.  Our marriage has been transformed and I can't keep from constantly talking about it.  Resolving conflict has always been a difficult thing for us.  We've always been committed to one another and haven't had anything that would ever make us question each other in that regard, but conflict has been an area difficult to overcome.

When the Lord geographically moved us to NEW SOIL back at the end of March, EVERYTHING in our life changed.  It truly was the Lord moving us out of Egypt into a land flowing with milk and honey.  I was always one of those women who cried out for my husband to be my best friend and you know what?  Now he is.  It's all because of the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Jeremy and I watched the video of this song and the video where Matt, the lead singer of Sanctus Real, shares why he wrote this song. His wife also shares what God did in their marriage. Their story is so much like ours, even the length of time they have been married.  I cried tears of joy because I no longer feel alone.  I felt alone as a child, as a teenager and as an adult but I no longer feel the aloneness.  My life is full.  I asked Jeremy what he thought changed for us.  "We resolve conflict peacefully and fast", he said.  "Yes, but what happened to get us to a place where we were able to do that?", I asked.  Well, we both agreed it was a total "MOVE" of the Lord and it was us deciding to turn from the past and no longer attach ourselves to the wrong things and/or people.  We solely focused on our family, just the five of us and our marriage.  When we did that, it opened the door for us to totally and completely rely on each other but even more important, rely on Jesus Christ.  When there are no outside distractions, you really learn to depend on each other. 

Not too long ago I shared with two of my best friends, Kelly Ann and Tiffany, that before you can truly appreciate the promise land, you first have to know what's it's like to "live" in Egypt.  When you finally quit circling that same mountain over and over again, EVERYTHING changes.

Listen to this and read the words while you listen.

THEN make sure you listen to this interview with Matt and his wife!  Gran Kleenex!

I love you Jeremy!


Kim said...

Moving here to VA was the hardest thing we have ever done ... hands down. I will never forget all the wise married couples at our church back in Cleburne who told us that this would make our marriage so strong and bring us closer together.

Boy did I wonder if that was true in those difficult first years ... but it was true and exactly as you said. We had Jesus and each other ... nothing else.

It has been a privilege to watch the Lord have His way with your heart ... your plans ... and your family. Thanks for being open enough to share the restoration and the beautiful blessing of what a covenant marriage means!

We think that if we find the right church, the perfect neighborhood, better extended family (parents, in-laws), devoted and like-minded friends, etc. "then" we will have what is necessary to bring about this sort of life-changing movement but the testimony here is that GOD is really enough! He did this!

What a glorious testimony Amanda!

Kate said...

when we moved to GA ten years ago, we were laying on the bed crying and both said at the same time was 'all we have is each other and God and that's all that matters.'
that move was just what we needed!

but i still want to move to teXas! ;)

i totally relate to this post. you said it so beautifully!