Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a day!

Thanks to 2nd grade curriculum, I can now name all seven continents and so can JOSIAH! That's our big success story of the day!

My feet are swollen, my back aches, my brain even hurts.  Despite the challenges of teaching two at a time and having a 3 1/2 year old throw his fits in the middle of our Schooling, it was all worth it.  We all learned a lot today and we are blessed!

Glad to have Kim and Kelly who are doing some of the exact same curriculum. Nice to text back and forth about what the boys are up to and how they are doing on Math or Grammar.  How we catch them staring off into outer space joyfully writing sentences from the Grammar lesson. And how easy it is to snap be patient!  It's funny that we can all compare notes and help each other out.  In the midst of me complaining to both of them about the Reading lesson being extremely long, I found out that I was doing too much.  It's always nice to find an easier way of doing something.  

But tomorrow is Friday and our first Science experiment!  Should be fun!  

Have I mentioned how tired I am?!  Well, I am tired and Jude bug has the hiccups so I think I will go retire to the couch!  The first NFL game is on tonight!  I am so ready for FOOTBALL!

Thank you Kim and Kelly for getting me through the day!  You made it fun!  Now only if you lived next door, the world would be perfect!


Christy said...

HEY Amanda, your new picture is beautiful. I am glad you are having a great start to school this year... Piercen has his first coop tomorrow.. ABC's/Colors,ART AND MUSIC I think Im more excited than he is :)

Kelly Ann said...

Oh sister! That would ROCK!! Can you say "co-op heaven"?? :) Love walking this journey with you.