Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wigwams and Tepees

We have been studying Indians in 2nd Grade American History and some of the projects have been really fun. I am sure some of you who are doing this History curriculum struggle to pronounce all of these tribe names like I do. Right? Please say yes. Here are a few pictures of what we have made!

Every night before I go to bed, I set up the table. This is how it looks for a SHORT period of time.

And then tepee building happens and it's a mess!

Of course the three year old had to paint a tepee too because he doesn't miss out on anything! He makes sure of it!

Josiah made sure he painted "Indian things" on his tepee. Of course he did!

Ava Beth cannot concentrate on anything without having that tongue out. That is a Daddy thing for sure! Thank goodness she keeps it in during ballet!

The Wigwam from yesterday and the tepee. Notice the wigwam is missing the hole in the roof for smoke to come out. oops! And I WOULD have posted a finished picture of the other two tepees created by Ava Beth and Ezekiel but since they went a little crazy with water colors, they will not stand up! :)

And this is what it looks like at the end of School! This is actually very symbolic of how my mind often feels! 

And for an accurate picture of Homeschool and how most of us often feel, please read THIS! I feel extra blessed that I got to hear most of this blog lived out over the phone before it was birthed in writing. Love this woman so much! 

At the end of the day, Homeschooling isn't all about academics! That is for sure! If you don't figure that out soon, you won't last. 


Kelly Ann said...

Looks like a GREAT project!! You are doing a great job!! Love you!!

Karen said...

MiMi is so proud of all of you!!!! Wonder what Baby Jude is going to do while y'all are making Christmas decorations!!!!