Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My baby will be a big brother!

MiMi and PawPaw came by Sunday on their way back from San Antonio. Guess who wants to wear his Halloween costume 24/7? You guessed it! Oh and he decided to color his nose with an orange marker too! And would you just look at my Beautiful mama! If this is what 52 looks like, I am all in!

He is the cutest boy besides Josiah that I have ever seen! :)

He is my FULL of energy baby boy who now calls him self "Jude's Big brother"! He is so ready for Jude to be here!

Digging as always!

Showing off his bike riding skills to MiMi and PawPaw. See the marker on his nose?!

Jeremy bought me a camera this past weekend so now I can post REAL pictures and not just crummy pics from the blackberry. You can expect a ton of pictures to be posted soon! Ava Beth is next. I am working my way up from youngest to oldest! :)


karlee said...

So cute! My nephew (age 1 1/2) is going as Woody for Halloween too!

Naomi said...

first off-Z is toooo stinkin' cute! He has one of the cutest child personalities ever~"THis one will put u in the hospital" as he has his karate chop hand up with a straight serious face! love it! Second your mama is gorgeous! Third-sooo happy you guys have a camera! Pictures look great! xoxo

Kelly Ann said...

YAY for a new camera!!

I still remember when Zeke was born!! Now he's going to be a big brother!! So precious!!

Kim said...

Sam had this same costume! Loved it and so did he :) It is too small for his hefty brother, though. We love Toy Story!

Glad you got a new camera ... just in time!