Wednesday, October 20, 2010

27 outs away from the WORLD SERIES!

                                                         picture by- LOUIS DeLUCA / DMN

                                             picture by- LOUIS DeLUCA / DMN

Josh Hamilton!!!!!

I honestly don't even care about the Cowboys playing the Giants on Monday night. Rangers are kicking Yankee butt so I can handle a loss to the Giants (some believe we will win though-hope so). My heart is occupied by the Rangers until something changes with those Cowboys. I'm still a fan but my Rangers have soften the blow. Anyone see Mark Cuban in the stands in NY last night!?? Love seeing the Mavs owner represent DALLAS sports! He tried to own those Rangers but Nolan Ryan beat him out. I love that Nolan Ryan is the owner! I grew up watching him pitch. 

As soon as this is all over, we got the MAVS to watch! Ranking #1 in the Southwest Division? DALLAS MAVERICKS! Well, that is the prediction by just about every sports site I looked at this morning. I'll go with that!

Now if this Jude bug would arrive to see the World Series, this world would be perfect!

(I know this sports stuff is sending some of you ladies over the edge but I was the only girl in the Sports Broadcasting session on Horatio Alger Career Day back in High School. I laugh thinking about this now but it was a fun dream to have as a sophomore in High School. Hey, at least I gave up the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dream! Mercy!)