Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a "Jude" Bug Contest- written by Naomi

It’s All About Jude!

Amanda is 37 weeks tomorrow so I thought it would be super fun if all of us had a chance to play a guessing game about Jude’s big day. There is no better way to celebrate than to guess the date, time, weight, and length of precious baby #4!! By participating in this fun game you will be giving Amanda and Jeremy a memorable keepsake and a chance to win a PRIZE! Who doesn't love a PRIZE?!

We all know Amanda loves Christmas! Heck, she starts listening to Christmas music in October! Whoever is the closest in their guess will win a CD full of Amanda's favorite Christmas music! And if you didn't already know, she makes one awesome "mix tape"! :) I am pumped because not only am I competitive, but I want the CD! Please join in the game! It will be fun for all!!

Here's what you do!

(from AMANDA- I posted a guess trying to see what this game did and screwed up and can't erase my guess. So ignore it! Don't base your guess off of mine! This baby is not coming on the 21st. Not that I KNOW of!)

Go to and enter in the Game ID: Jude4
Fill out the info and you're done!!
*Any info asked like your email will be kept private. Only the guess will be available to read.

And here's a little back story on the last three babies! 
-The older 3 were born between 2-3 weeks early, weight between 7.4 and 8.4. 

Jude's due date is NOV 12th and she is showing signs of progression if you know what I mean (dilation and effacement)

I am Excited to see the results! Happy guessing and thank you all for your participation!

**Side Note**
Please continue to lift up Amanda, Jude, and the rest of the family in your prayers. We can all be in agreement that she will have a beautiful, natural labor and delivery and Jude will be born a healthy little boy! Thank You! Blessings to you!

Aunt Naomi

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Kelly said...

Praying for you Amanada! I would love for him to be born on Nov. 13 since that is my Cassiddoodle's birthday, but I know you are sooo ready to meet that little guy even sooner!

Praying for you in these last days... God is preparing you and strengthening you for this journey. Can't wait to hear all about it, because this has been an incredible pregnancy all along. God has grown you so much...I love seeing how He has a perfect plan, and the peace in you shows what happens when we are willing to allow Him to lead us. hugs!!