Friday, October 1, 2010

3 more weeks!


Tomorrow is Jeremy's 20 mile run and then he officially begins the taper. So excited for him! The twenty miler is my favorite long run! I am so jealous so I decided to turn my jealousy into support. :) I've been on him all week about carb loading like
Hal (our favorite marathoner and trainer) suggests but he is usually so busy at work that he doesn't eat as much as he should. So I made him a huge breakfast this morning with some homemade vanilla/Cinnamon waffles, eggs and sausage and he loaded up! It was such a blessing to sit with my husband this morning over coffee and talk about his route for the 20 miler, negative splits, training and so much more. Even though I am eight months pregnant, we are such running nerds and talk about running all the time. It's nice to be married to someone who is driven and passionate in whatever he does. My favorite quality in a person and I have it in my man! I love him so much!!!

Excited and nervous for his run and probably thinking about it just as much as him! Today we have a spelling test and a little bit of History for School and then we are headed to the park with other Homeschoolers. Then I gotta get a "splendiferous" (a Fancy Nancy word) pasta dinner together for Jeremy and then our Team will head out in the morning to help Daddy with some refills on water, Gatorade and support! 

3 weeks until the marathon!!! 

I love you Jeremy and I am so proud of you!