Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jeremy's 20 miler

Here he comes for refills at mile 11!

He quickly gets out the bottles that need the refills. If you are a runner you know that it SUCKS to stop. In the Chicago marathon I did not even stop for the bathroom one single time! Stopping is extremely aggravating so this was about a 20 second refill and if I wouldn't have taken this picture it would have been faster!

Texas weather is beginning to cool down. We are staying in the 80's during the day but mornings are much better. Notice he finally has on a shirt! :) I told him he better wear race day attire for the 20 miler. He listened! So proud!

I love my man and seeing him running today made me so proud he's mine! I gotta say he is the hottest lookin' man I know! Thank you Lord for an incredible man who loves me and for the bonus. He's super sexy! :)