Friday, October 8, 2010

35 weeks

Dilated to a 1 and so glad! I was worried I was more but thankful because I want a fat baby, a full term baby, a good "sucker" for nursing and I don't want to have the baby before full term. As bad as I feel, he can stay put! 

Please pray with me that my water will break ON IT'S OWN! I do not want the doctor to have to break it. I want this to be as natural as possible. 

My Doctor did a sono and said baby's head is down, face down and no room to turn back. He is STUFFED! :) Getting so excited but feeling better today knowing that I have a few weeks left, maybe even 5 weeks. YIKES! But this is what I prayed for! 

I don't go back until week 37 because my Doc will be in Maui next week for a conference (what a conference!!). He said I don't need to come in to see his partner unless something happens. I am pretty sure it won't! Plus I gotta get through Jeremy's marathon and Kelly Ann has to get back from Cambodia. Oh AND Naomi still has to organize my linen closet and we have to go get pedicures! A-hem Nay! I think I will make it!

This picture was taken this morning before my appointment. The only day I seem to wear makeup these days! 


Kelly Ann said...

Great news from the doc!! Um...yeah...I would LOVE a conference in Maui!! Maybe we can plan one for homeschool moms!! :)

Praying for a perfect, God-honoring delivery/birth story!!

Love you!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

YEH!!! I get to leave a comment!! You look great and I just said a prayer that you will carry your Jude to full term and your water would break on its own!!!

Naomi said...

on it boss!! :) can't wait! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I am praying for a fat, full term baby and an easy & natural labor & delivery!! :)

Kelly said...

You look beautiful!

Praying for you and the remainder of your pregnancy. Love the way you are glowing:-)

Tracy: said...

You are super cute pregnant! I was never so darling in my 8th or 9th month! ha! PRAYING for ya!

Kate said...

looking as Hot as ever! these next few weeks will seem like forever so cherish those little feet kickin' you inside. :) i know, hard to do right now!!