Thursday, October 7, 2010


Homeschooling will bring meaning, purpose, joy and healing to your life IF you embrace the calling. She is an awesome example of this! I am so proud of her! She "gets" it and I love that about her. She just posted a blog post regarding this incredible new "season" in her life as a Mom.

Just one year ago today she was placed in ICU for type 1 diabetes. She had no idea what she had, we just knew she was sick. Jeremy and I were flying out for Chicago for the marathon and her and her husband were flying out the next morning to join us. We were worried she had the swine flu or some sort of virus because her skin was white as a sheet, her lips blue and her clothes were hanging off of her. I will never forget leaving their house the night before we flew out and telling Jeremy "I have this feeling in my gut that she has diabetes." I will never forget the phone call I received from her as she lay in ICU. And it was the first time for me when I truly felt another friend's pain. I ran the Chicago marathon praying for her non stop. 

It's amazing to hear her life story. A story that will top most of ours. She has payed a huge price for the anointing on her life and watching God do this amazing working in her life through Homeschooling has reconfirmed why HOMESCHOOLING is the best. It's not about thinking Moms who send their kids off to school are bad moms or doing something wrong. It's knowing that what we (myself and some of my best friends) have chosen to do in our homes and with our children is the most incredible gift you could ever imagine. I love when I see someone post a testimony about how Homeschooling has changed their life. It reminds all of us WHY we do what we do! I love that women are having conversation about doing the exact opposite of what society is doing. It can be lonely, difficult and challenging OFTEN. But when you wholeheartedly submit to it, the blessing is so great that it's almost unspeakable. 

My prayer is that God will continue to use me, my friends and many of you to show other Moms that Homeschooling is approachable, fun, worthy and life changing.  I'm ready to start a revolution! :) How about you?! Naomi and Kelly Ann have joined me and it's been amazing to grow with them as we teach our children.

Homeschooler and proud of it,