Monday, October 25, 2010


It was a small marathon (175 runners) and one where we learned a lot. October in Texas is a crappy month for a marathon. Too hot! Almost 80 at the finish line. Also running three loops of 8.75 miles is rough on the brain. Running anything more than twice is hard but three times is hell. Water stops were not good either. He did not get enough water which caused major cramping in his legs. He missed his goal time and hasn't quit talking about it yet but he still did AMAZING. When he ran his 20 mile run it was in the 50's so this was hard on him. But he runs another marathon in January (a big one) and I am POSITIVE he will not only meet his goal but beat it!

Jeremy and I are unable to run marathons just to "finish". In fact we spend too much time downplaying what we are doing that we put too much expectations on ourselves. Not meeting the goal is a KILLER. His mom kept saying "You finished! That's more than most people." She was trying to help (moms do that) but I knew what Jeremy was feeling and I knew those words were not helping. She drove back to our house in her van with the kids and we went home in his car. I was glad! When we got in the car I heard about every cuss word known to man. I listened and smiled. I told him what I thought and it seem to help. He said "I knew on the third loop you were going to figure out I was hurting because I had slowed down." He was right! I knew. I know exactly how long each mile will take him. I know he runs negative splits so I knew when I saw some others in front of him that something was wrong because we both run the end much faster. He turned the corner and was walking. I took off on foot walking as fast as I could. I don't know how but I caught up and gave him a talk. "Okay so you are not going to meet your goal so let's think about how you can look at this and not be mad." We talked and then I said "Go babe! Just get it done!". He took off and I met him at the finish. (So glad his mom was there to see him run and she was a great help to me as I waddled my big butt around!)

For a hurt boy, 4:20 isn't so bad. He told me when we were walking and talking "I better beat your Chicago 4:22!". The entire time I prayed he his ego would survive and he would beat my time. He trained so hard! He beat me and I could not have been happier. While he did not make the 3:45 goal, I KNOW he will in January!!

I love this man so much! Way to go BABE!!! Can't wait to run a marathon with you again!
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