Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not to be wasted

I opened my front door this morning to breathe in the cool air that comes to Texas in the early morning hours this time of year. Every morning I make sure I enjoy just a few moments of it because it's gone by noon. We will be in the 80's in a few hours. When I opened the door this morning I noticed something hanging in my Bradford Pear Trees. I wondered if someone had played some sort of Halloween trick on us and hung something in our trees. The color was so bright that I had to investigate further and walk off the front porch over to the trees. I squealed with delight when I realized what it was. 

The kids heard my excitement and ran out to see what was going on. Instantly, Ava Beth asked "What is in our trees?". When she realized it was Fall leaves, she too began to squeal. This is the time of year you will find most Texans feeling a sense of rejuvenation. The Fall colors, the cold air and the change brings a renewed spirit to us all. We wait so long for this season and then one day you wake up to find that it really is happening. 

Change has come. 

So this morning my strength is renewed. Despite the way my 36 week pregnant body is feeling, my spirit is revived. School was supposed to begin about twenty minutes ago but the kids begged to go in the backyard and look for "Fall". Ava Beth asked if she could wear some of her new Fall clothes and Josiah quickly found his "hoodie". School can wait. We always have the afternoon.

The windows are open, hymns are playing, a roast is in the crock pot, a Tyler Candle is burning (my favorite candles in the whole wide world) and the washing machine is buzzing. It's a day I will not waste, nor should you.

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house.  So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air."

-  Nathaniel Hawthorne


Love Being a Nonny said...

I love the first signs of fall! We do have a few leaves that have changed and it is a little cooler here in NC today. What are TYLER candles?

Timmarie said...

Finding Fall sounds like school to me! What a sweet day for you and your family.

Kelly said...

Oh, sounds absolutely heavenly!

Enjoy the coziness (your home just sounds like such a haven!)

Kelly Ann said...

LOVE that you guys took time to enjoy the Fall weather. You are right..."school" can wait. :)