Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the 36th week picture

OH MY GOSH! MY BACK KILLS!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea it could hurt this bad. Bad Blackberry phone picture but it's what I had on me when we were walking out the door for dance! I must admit to you, I cried today. My body hurts so bad that I cried. Totally worth it! Come soon Jude, soon! :)

I do have the Angelina Jolie lips I've longed for though. Doesn't seem as glamorous when my nose takes up the whole middle of my face. Why oh why does the nose have to get bigger when you are pregnant? Weird! :)

Oh and guess what? One of my "dance friends" (one of the mom's at AB's dance) gave me a Medela double breast pump and it is the one that happens to be the BEST! Yes, she GAVE it to me! One of my other "dance friends" saw me today and said "Oh my goodness! you are about to pop!". I know she meant well but the only popping I wanted to do was on her face! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like her A LOT and I knew what she meant! 

This picture really does not do me justice. If you saw me in person and if you saw my feet (NOT PICTURED OF COURSE) then you would think "Dang, she is fully baked. Ready to go!". And when someone at the grocery store says "wow, you must be due any day now" then you know you are not as tiny as you thought! :) That's okay! I prefer FAT babies! :)