Monday, November 1, 2010

It's THAT time!

I told Jeremy if Jude is not here by the weekend, we are putting up the Christmas tree. He will complain non stop about doing it but IT WILL get done. But if you have hung around this blog for any length of time in the last five years, you know that something magical happens on November 1st! CHRISTMAS MUSIC! That's right! I also allow the kids to watch Christmas movies from here on out. I like the Christmas season to last a long time. My love for Charlie Brown and Clark Griswold (two characters that I feel a kindred spirit to) are on my heart today. November 1st has always been one of my favorite days so I am going to enjoy it. 9 months pregnant and all!

Here's to you Charlie! And here's to you Clark! I love you both!

And today I am listening to this! MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CD EVER!

And my favorite song on this album is this!