Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Happiness!

Kelly Ann text me a few minutes ago to tell me she had this song cranked this morning so I decided to do the same! She's trying to adjust to life after a life changing trip to Cambodia and find her way back into the "Homeschool groove". And I am trying to walk around dilated to a four and cook, clean, teach and have a good attitude despite how bad my body feels. It truly is a roller coaster ride. One minute I feel like I could go two more weeks and the next minute I find myself wiping tears off my face.

I am standing on top of a cliff just waiting to jump off. Once I jump, it will go fast! Praying my body jumps today! Yes, I know I have TEN more days until my actual due date but when you are sitting at a four, your body wants to go! It would be easier if I were NOT dilated to anything. Last time I was at a four, I had an epidural. This time, I am going about my business!

November 2nd would be a great day to have a baby! It's actually COLD in Texas, well more like "cool" and it's raining! This is my favorite weather!

Praying for a HEALTHY baby boy and praying he hears this LOUD worship music I will have cranked all day today! 


Side note: the hits on my blog are HILARIOUS! HUGE #'s coming to see if Jude has been born! I never have this much traffic! So fun!