Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 of 31

Just a little over a year ago, Ava Beth began to pray for a baby sister. Obviously she did not get the sister she desperately prayed for (she has not quit praying for one), but she did get a precious baby brother. I cannot even begin to tell you how this baby boy has changed her life. She loves him like you can't imagine and truly acts like she is his Mother. She is NUTS about him. Seeing those two together reminds me of how God has changed my life through the simple prayer of my five year old daughter. "Dear Jesus, please put a baby in Mama's belly."

Yes, I thought I was done having children. Three seemed perfect. Daily I left the house to run a crazy amount of miles for marathon training. Obsessed with staying fit and thin, I was certain it was the path I needed to be on. Suddenly, a prayer penetrated my whole plan and God changed my heart. I haven't been the same since. I never will be. I am forever CHANGED by Ava Beth's prayer. 

This is day 2 of the 31 days of pictures. While it may look like nothing but scribbles to you, it is a treasure to me. This morning I sat on the couch eating my bowl of cereal, watching Ava Beth carefully lodge a crayon into Jude's fat little hand. Softly, she began to say, "Let me help you baby. This will be our special picture we color together." Gently, she moved his hand back and forth and changed colors a few times. I sat listening, soaking up this amazing moment in our family. One I will never forget! Ava Beth assured him as they colored. "Oh baby, you are doing a great job! You are such a good artist!" She then took the paper and wrote both of their names at the top, including today's date. 

Jude is one blessed baby boy and Ava Beth is one incredible sister. Can you imagine the Mother she will be? I can. Amazing.


Kelly said...

Love this! AB is going to be a great mommy! She has a great example!

Jules said...

This is just incredible! Just precious. I know exactly what you mean....God & my children mold me & change me more every day and I am still wondering about a fifth(although I don't know why,because that's really God's decision)lol! =D

Wendy said...

I love it! Sweet girl!

Love that you are doing a picture for everyday!