Friday, March 4, 2011

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Jude Witten is four months old and still nursing and now eating oatmeal cereal and some avocado with a little banana mixed in. I am making our own baby food this time and I found an awesome website to help! I stocked up on supplies this week and plan on getting some made this weekend. Once I began to read how easy it is and how much CHEAPER, I was sold. Jeremy was talking baby talk to Jude last week and I heard him say something that brought such delight! "Jude, your Mommy is a good cook. She makes me fat and you are about to get fatter! She is going to make you some yummy food!" I sure love my husband! It's the little things that bring me joy!

Can you tell this boy likes to eat?

Here is the site! and this is one of many but I liked this one the best!
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Love Being A Nonny said...

What is the website for helping make baby food? My DIL would be interested!!! HE is a doll!!

Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

I just posted it! Sorry!

Kate said...

what a handsome baby!!

Kelly said...

What a cute fatty! :)

I made baby food for Shaefer. It really was cheaper! And I knew she was getting good stuff!