Monday, April 11, 2011

Staying put

After much thought, I don't think I'm making any changes right now. Mama Sings is a stable place for me. But, I'm excited to be celebrating four years of homeschool this May! I always count Josiah's pre-school year because I was teaching him to read when he was four! For some reason I felt he needed to be able to read by the first day of kindergarten. I think most of it was my eagerness to prove to the nay sayers that I could do the homeschool thing! With Ava Beth I did not even begin teaching her til she was five and I don't see that changing with the other children.

Anyway, just letting you know that the brainstorm went well. SO WELL that I've decided to stay put! While most of this blog will be dedicated to my passion for Homeschooling, it will often be a mix of other things. This is why I have decided to stick with Mama Sings!

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