Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mercy Days and Mama Sings finally meet!

Guess who came to Texas? Kim!!! My friends in real life know all about Kim. They know I consult with her on homeschool, marriage, parenting, theology, and just about everything else. Women have come and gone in my life, making impressions to last a lifetime. Kim is one of those women I know god placed in my life when I needed her most. Have you ever had someone in your life that you wanted to grow up and be like? Kim is one of those for me! She is only a few years older than me, but I learn from her more than any other woman in my life. I'm in the middle of a precious season in life. Raising babies, homeschool, marriage, finding a church for our family, growing our family, and so much more. She has been there and is in the midst of it still. I thank God for her DAILY. Why on earth she has to live in VA, I will never understand. I need her next door! But, she is TEXAN and they have been in Texas visiting family. We finally got to meet IN PERSON! Both of our families, including husbands, met up in Marble Falls (close to our house) as they passed through. We got to spend three hours together, and it just wasn't long enough.

Our sons are the same exact age, did a lot of the same curriculum last year, and became pen pals. They steal our iPads so they can play one another other in Words with Friends. As Moms, we laugh at the chat box in their game. Filled with talk about Star Wars, legos, and the latest DS games. Two peas in a pod!

Words can't express what an amazing day this was for me! So blessed to have this family in our lives! And grateful for husbands who are willing to drive their wives to meet a "blogging friend", and even enjoy visiting with one another too. It was a God ordained moment for sure! Jeremy commented later, "it was like the boys have known each other their whole life." Indeed!

It wasn't weird at all! It truly felt natural to sit and talk with Kim. I felt like I could totally be myself. Kim is beautiful! In fact, at one point I stopped during our conversation and said "you don't have wrinkles! Not fair!". Of course she quickly pointed out her wrinkles she thought she had (like all women do) and I showed her all of mine. :) I know all of her children's names, what they like to do, when they were born and so on. That's the gift of blogging! She knew the same about all of mine! In a way, blogging helps cut through all the fluff and helps you sit back and enjoy one another's company. What a gift!

Love you Kim!

(if you are wondering why on earth my tshirt says what it does, it is a Dallas Mavs shirt! I'm not proclaiming to be rowdy, proud, and loud. Although, I'm sure a few people think this about me! :) )


Wendy said...

Wow, SO SO awesome that you got to meet! Love you both!!

Paula said...

I am so happy for you!!! I know that meant a lot to you!!! I know you refer to Kim often, so how cpol to meet.
Even better, for Josiah and her son.

Kelly said...

Love it! So awesome that you were able to spend time together- with your families, too. Such a neat thing.

I am thinking that since she lives in VA, and so do I, maybe you need to plan a trip to Virginia:-)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I love it!!! It was such a precious time and I am so grateful that it worked out so perfectly! Your sweet words are humbling and I know our friendship is a special gift that has grown into something real, honest, and Christ-centered. I pray that God uses it to encourage us to be better wives ... mothers ... and friends :) Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL family with us. Now everyone is smitten with the Hayes bunch! The pics you took were great! I can't wait to share the other pics with you!

Anonymous said...

How awesome was that?!?!?! SO glad it worked out for your families to meet up!! LOVE all the sweet pics!!