Friday, May 27, 2011

More garden pics!

We are hoping to get on a little piece of land next Spring. That would make this gardening thing a whole lot easier, and give us the ability to have some chickens. But, if we are still in sub division land, a raised bed it will be! Container gardening has been a great way to start, but a very slow process. Regardless, loving life right where I'm at!


Kelly said...

"Regardless, loving life, right where I'm at!". Sums you up perfectly, and is the sure fire gurantee of contentment and peace. I am adopting that as my motto!
(Next time you are at the library, look for "The Square Foot Garnered". It is a great book on raised beds in 4' x 4' squares, and I think it would be right up your alley.

Nikki said...

Hey! We are giving container gardening a try this year too! So far, so good. :) I love the quote from Elizabeth Foss on your sidebar. First of all, who is she and is the quote from a book? It sounds like something I'd love reading! Thanks! I've enjoyed taking a quick peek around your blog tonight. I'll be back for another visit!