Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird homeschoolers

I must admit, I am totally annoyed as all get out when someone brings up the word "socialization" when they find out we Homeschool. If you have spent any amount of time with my children, you would never even think about asking the "socialization" question. Yet, some are still stupid gutsy enough to do so.

Homeschool is the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. No exaggeration. None. Hard. Hard. Hard. Really hard. But, it is the greatest, most rewarding, life changing choice you will ever make for your family. As far as I am concerned, THE best. I made a commitment four years ago, when I began Homeschooling my first child, that I would view it like a marriage. You better believe marriage will be hard. No matter how healthy you or your spouse may be in the "baggage claim" area, it is hard and takes constant work. You don't quit just because of a fight. You don't quit just because of a betrayal. I have friends who haven't quit even when their spouse had an affair (some multiple affairs). Instead, you forgive and forget. You never mention divorce. As far as I am concerned, the same rules apply to our family and Homeschooling.

A few weeks ago I was bombarded by many challenging "remarks" regarding Homeschooling right in the middle of my culdesac. Quickly, the Holy Spirit granted me grace, and I handled the remarks with ease. I couldn't have done that without Him and the last four years of witnessing the amazing growth socially, educationally, relationally, and spiritually in each of my children. My son who started off the first five years of his life as a shy, timid, extremely sensitive boy, is now a confident, passionate, Godly, joyful, gregarious, and well behaved 8 year old. Oh, and let's not forget smart! That boy is a walking bird expert, map expert, and multiplication machine!

Before I brag too much (ha, ha, ha), let me just leave you with this video I saw on YouTube. It's been floating around a while and many of you have probably already seen it, but it is my favorite Homeschool "tool" to use when I'm asked about "socialization". Through the years I have become well versed in HOW to respond to those who say I'm "weird."

Happy Homeschooling y'all!

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Paula said...


Kelly said...

Again, I LOVE your courage in identifying what God has called you to do, and then trusting Him enough to stick with it, despite what anyone else may say, or obstacles you encounter. The peace and blessing this has brought your family is so, so evident. I love seeing your kids grow and thrive.

Can I be you when I grow up? Love you friend. (And please note the irony that I want to "grow up" to be someone younger than I am. Pefect!)

minnie said...

Hahahaaa!!! That video was awesome! I *just* got bombarded today with someone that was stuck on the same exact thing!!!

"But isn't he (Jake - 11) going to miss his friends?" He doesn't interact with school friends outside of school. His friends are from the neighborhood, wrestling and church. "But what about socialization??" You mean being bullied, asked if he could kill himself so that they don't have to see him anymore, being exposed to kids who tell him about sexual acts, kids who expose others to porn, kids who pressure mine because he's not allowed to watch R movies and play M video games? That kind of socialization?

After all of that, she still insisted he would be "missing out". I told her he was anxious to be missing out on being tortured by his classmates and ignored by his teachers when he was struggling with his grades. She just shook her head and continued her babbling about him missing out and not having friends.

God love her, because I'm having a hard time doing it!!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, I just came back to watch the video. Too funny!