Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting our kids in the WORD!

As I type this blog post, tears stream down my face. Fernando Ortega's Our Great God is softly playing in the background, and I'm overwhelmed with the greatness of my God. Despite my own sin, He is always there to reveal his greatness. Thank goodness His greatness is never contingent on my choices, because I fail. Daily, I fail. Over and over again, I fail. It's obvious when I'm in the midst of struggles. My children hold the mirror up as they mimic my attitude in their daily choices. I can always tell when Jeremy and I are not meshing, neither are our children. It almost always starts with ME. When my words are soft, they speak soft to one another. When I am short and quick tempered, they are the same. When I am daily in God's Word, seeking His face, they follow.

We are so blessed to attend a church that encourages Family Worship or Family Bible Study. It looks different for each family. Some sing and read the Bible together. Others just read scripture and pray. We have done it several different ways, but we have never been consistent. Like any woman, I want my husband to lead. I have often got in the way of that happening. Over the last few years, my Heavenly Father has gently changed me. If you knew me or if you have been a faithful reader of this blog, you have watched the transformation. It's been radical. Being submissive is extremely hard for me, but I am finding such freedom in it. As I have remained quiet, Jeremy has picked up the slack in so many areas. But, the Lord continues to show me that my role is to set him up for success. I too can lead my children. I can prepare their hearts. During the day, I set the tone for what happens when Daddy gets home. I've needed some accountability, so I prayed HE would show me how I could faithfully keep our children in God's Word. Daily!

As I mentioned above, it starts with me. This Summer is going to be different than Summers passed. In the morning we are getting up, having breakfast, and then having our bible time. Our church sends out a weekly guide for Family Worship. It really is amazing! Each day has a passage of scripture to read and questions to go along. Jeremy is reading the scripture at work, praying over it through out His day (I pray away distractions for him), and we will discuss at night during supper. Josiah and Ava Beth each have a prayer journal. I write the scripture on the white board for them to copy. Then we each pick a place in the house to pray and journal. Ezekiel can also do the same, but he is four. Sometimes he wants to color in his journal or he decides to play. I don't force him to participate. Here is an example of their prayer journals today.

Scripture- "Be on your guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be brave. Be strong. Be loving in everything you do." 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

After they copied the verse, I asked them to write down areas they can apply this scripture to. How can you be on guard? What can you be on guard against? How can you be brave? How can you be strong? (jeremy will lead the discussion tonight and there will be questions regarding the passage) Their journals belong to them, so they have the freedom to draw pictures, write or whatever they choose to help them communicate their prayers.

Right this very second, Ezekiel is throwing a fit. I want to scream and throw my own fit. Actually, I want to cry. I pray with them, teach them scripture and these fights, fits, and bad attitudes continue. Motherhood is work!!! This is why I need HIS word in my life DAILY! And my kids do too! Because of the verse this morning, I can remind Josiah "hey, how can you show ZEKE love right now? How can you be loving in this moment?"

My prayer is that doing this each day will help set the tone for our day. We have always done Bible time/circle time, but in the Summer it seems to cease. I want to stay consistent, and I want my children too also. I want them to grow up knowing that the WORD will truly change us. We can't live without it.

It's been a tough few days around here. I'm desperate for change. My desperation always makes me dig deep! For that, I am thankful.

(if you want a copy of the worship guide we use, send me your email address)


Kelly said...

(You read my mind, I was already going to ask for a copy, please:-) Sounds wonderful.)

I have loved seeing the transformation of your life, and the pure joy that exudes from you from this obedience. So awesome.

After one year out of Christian school, my summer is very similar to yours! I decided the girls need to be more accountable for cultivating their faith, so we are doing similar scripture study (memorization) and journaling. I am also really, really trying to monitor my own attitude, and you are so right- we need to start our day in the Word and stay in it.
Love the adventure of being the Mommy and seeking God in it, He is so faithful to always have the right Word at just the right time.

Naomi said...

THis is beautiful!
I too, need to be mindful of my actions for as you said, they are mirrors of who we are daily.

I love how we as their mothers and teachers get the daily oppertunity to teach, and model how to be stewards of God's will, and a reflection of who Christ is.
One of the biggest things I have learned which brings me great joy as a hmschl mama is just as we have talked about many times; we get to work on heart issues, tackle certain areas which develope their character, and the ability to watch the hard work we've put forth flourish!
The hard days I exp as a parent, I have to remember how one day they will rise up and call me blessed! It will come full circle, God says it in his word, so we look up on the hard days and cling to his promises. Thank you for sharing your heart, and honesty all the time. I love you mandi!
You inspire me all the time, am blessed by you, and better yet blessed to experience life with you as a friend and sista!!!

Loran said...

I have never commented before, but wanted you to know that I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and have been inspired by what God is doing in your lives. The spirit is alive and well and encourages me every day to dig deep into how HE wants my family of five to live and you and your family have been a intregal guide in helping me to see more clearly. Thank you! May God continue to bless you and guide you. I would love a copy of the worship. My email is

Elizabeth said...

You are such an inspiration to me!! I just finished reading Sally Clarkson's book, The Mission of Motherhood (because of your suggestion, friend!!), and have been very convicted to up the anty of spiritual nourishment for my family. I have to confess, I am totally stumped. SO, if I could get a copy of those devotionals, that would be a GREAT help!! Thanks friend!!!