Monday, June 20, 2011

My favorite iPad apps for learning

I don't have time to link these apps, but they are not hard to find at all. A month into Summer, and the boredom has set in. Reading and Math have remained a strict part of our routine. Reading ever single day. The kids actually love to read, so this isn't a tough task to carry through. Math takes more of an effort to continue, but these apps really make it a lot more fun. Josiah would much rather use the iPthai stead of sitting down to a worksheet full of multiplication facts! There are apps for ALL the kids! Even Jude!

*Save The Day - interactive reading

*Montessori Crosswords

*Simply Find It (free)

*Name That Number

*Rocket Math (josiah's favorite)

*Bob Books

*kinder Musik

*Stack The States (Josiah would play this all day if I let him)

*Stack The Countries

*Letters A to Z

*ABC Alphabet Phonics (free)

*Count Money-Coin Matching (free)

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Kim said...

I can't wait to look some of these up!