Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sneak peek

Blogging from the iPad is somewhat tricky. I apologize for not sharing the links, but it was easier to share images. We will have a home computer in two more weeks! I have everything chosen and purchased, except for our Science Lab kit and Math. I have some Math purchased, but need to finish. I have searched and searched for Hiatory, Bible, and Science that could be used for group study (Josiah and Ava Beth). Tomorrow I will share the rest of of our group study, but here is a sneak peek. All day yesterday I had planned on a different History, but a friend on Twitter suggested I take a look at a different one. I read review after review, compared the two books, and connected with the one below. When I decided to start Latin, I also decided to find a History that would also flow well with Church Hiatory. In my personal study time I have been studying Baptist Catechism (Spurgeon), so when I found out about the children's version, I jumped! I am so excited!!!

Doctrine is playing a huge role in our homeschool. It hasn't before. I feel more connected now to my choices. That makes a huge difference!

Tomorrow I will share our Science, and Ava Beth's math and grammar. Then I will do Josiah's. Our new church has given me a huge desire to dig into church History. I thought I was going to wrestle with some things, but I'm not. I think I've always been reformed underneath. This is why I could never get on board with the methods of church planting. This is why my gut always struggled with the mainstream church. But, I went along with it for years, not sure why I was struggling so much. The more we grow, the more we realize this doctrine fits us. My old church plant Pastor once accused me of being a Calvinist.:)I prefer REFORMED.

Thank you Amber and Kim for all of your help!


Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

As soon as I get my computer back, I can link blogs that have helped me!! I don't want to take any credit! Two women have helped me in just about everything! Amber at Classic Housewife in a Modern World and my mentor, Kim at Mercy Days!

Kim said...