Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's that time!

During our break this morning, I went into the garage for my storage containers full of "Fall" decor! I've got all my Fall coffee cups to wash and my Fall dish towels and pot holders to throw into the washer! I love when I find stuff in these containers that I bought last year and forgot about (Reagan, remember all the goodies we bought last year?!)!

I've got my wrought iron pumpkins (I bought years ago at HOb Lob with Kelly Ann), my floral swags for the mantel and my Fall picture frames of the kids at pumpkin patches through the years. Oh and my yard stuff! I love my Hobby Lobby "Fall" inspired yard art! And my favorite thing? My wreath I made for the door last year. I love making wreaths! I've got some hot glue work I need to do on this one, but I can't wait to hang it!

I love this time of year!! This is when I come ALIVE! I LOVE decorating!!! We are headed out for some errands this afternoon because Mama needs a few "Fall" candles. And today would not be complete without pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing! My house will smell amazing!

Lord, thank you for this NEW season.

(pictures coming soon)


Kelly said...

I love it! It does make me feel alive, and so thankful! Love this season and so thrilled for the cooler temps. Hope they are headed your way too!

Kim said...

I need to get my things out this weekend and like you said (whispers: it is cooler here!) so the time is right!

Opening windows and changing the decor, lighting candles and baking favorite fall things ... Traditions! I love it all :) Now all you need is some cooperation from weather!

Tiffany said...

You know I'm right there with you...I love FALL (and Winter probably even more)! I just love sweaters and boots and "extra hot" chai tea lattes!

Can't wait to enjoy some those things with you...hopefully sooner than later!

I love you!
Tiff ;)

Reagan said...

I pulled some of my Fall stuff out!! Thanks for the reminder, this heat makes me forget that Friday is the 1st day of Autumn! Fall Scentsy going all through the house and decor up, I think I'll turn down the air and pretend its cold!!!! I need apple cider :)