Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Signs of Fall

NO visible signs of Fall in Texas! Today was 104! So we decided to bring Fall to us. It was composer and art Wednesday, which happens to be my favorite Homeschool day of the week. While listening to Handel's Messiah, we finger painted trees. That's right, we painted our trees with our fingertips! And I love the look of "Fall" in my windows! Josiah and Ava Beth painted a couple of trees while Ezekiel painted one. But his tree was pretty awesome! I loved watching him create! Watching a four year old create with his little fingers is priceless. This was a precious, peaceful day. That means tomorrow will be crazy! :)

Happy Fall!


Kelly said...

Love the fingerpaint trees!

(But 104 degrees! Girl!! That is crazy!)

Reagan said...

LOVE these!!!!!! I think we will do them too! Thank you for sharing to inspire me and so many! I love that you share!!!!

Wendy said...

Any and all signs of fall are welcome at this point ;)

Amanda said...

What's it like in your part of VA, Kelly? I'm sure it's amazing!

Thank you Reagan. It's the easy things that only need supplies from around the house that work the best. Love that!! Your kids WILL love these! Wouldn't these be awesome to mat and frame? I think I'm going to do that in my next house. Out of wall space here. ;)

Karen said...

Love that you can look at your windows and see all those colors of fall. I'm ready for my favorite season. We really don't have much of a fall in Texas. This summer has been so bad that all the leaves have dried and burned (some literally) and there is nothing left to change colors.

I love you

Kelly said...

It's actually cooling down for the weekend- yay- perfect football weather. Makes me want to start burning my pumpkin spice candles and making soup!