Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween shirts-tutorial

Several people have asked how I did these shirts, so here is a little picture tutorial. Happy shirt making! These were so much fun and I LOVE how they turned out. I know many "crafters" have been making these for years, but I finally got the urge. Pregnancy tends to bring out the hidden "crafter" in me! My best friend is the queen of these shirts and has made my kids many over the last few years. I finished these on Wednesday night and posted all the pictures, then saved to my drafts. Finally had a chance today to post instructions. Hope it all makes sense!

Oh and the bow on Ava Beth's shirt is sewn. That sucker isn't going anywhere!

Cheap stuff you can buy at Walmart!

You MUST have an xacto knife for letters! MUST!

This material happens to be bandannas so I did not need to iron on the "wrong side out" side. Bandannas are same on both sides. If you use fabric from the fabric store, you must iron these on the wrong side and make sure your letters are turned backwards.

After you cut them, iron them on. My B should be turned the other way but this was for the picture.

It is so much easier to hand stitch if you have an embroidery hoop. I used an embroidery needle and embroidery thread from Hobby Lobby. Each pack of the thread is 40 cents. I used one pack per shirt. Maybe a little less. Buy more than enough! It is cheap.

You can stitch them on your sewing machine, but I opted for the hand stitch. It looks more "Boutique" to me.

I am already making shirts for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh and a Birthday onesie for Jude's first birthday! 

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